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Can't get into Jayzmummy's site. Can anyone help?

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Pixiefish Wed 10-May-06 21:03:26

that's it really. I've registered and posted twice and now I can't get back in. Have checked user name and password. Any ideas?

Carolinett Wed 10-May-06 21:06:52

Quess you'll have to wait or JM
I've no idea

auntyquated Wed 10-May-06 21:10:04

PF ---- I was walking to JM earlier and sahe has gone to pack for Bonannza as she is leaving in the morning. She may be around later if she gets everyhting done, but otherwwise she won't be aroind until after the weeknd.

someone else had the same problem when they first registed..can't remember who now. JM soon sorted it.

caroline - i have mentioned your profile thingy to her too..has she had a chance to do anyhting?

Dingle Wed 10-May-06 21:14:49

I had problems - I was having to enter my details twice. I was putting them in the first time and although I was showing as online, I couldn't view any threads and had to submit details again.

It's showing as "admin" being online now, is that you AQ or BOB?

Pixiefish Wed 10-May-06 21:16:08

it says i've entered an invalid user name or password

Dingle Wed 10-May-06 21:20:28

one of my favs is the caps lock being on!!!!Sorry I can't be of any help Pixie, hopefully she will drop by soon.

auntyquated Wed 10-May-06 21:20:30

that is me dingle.
but i can't see any any obvious probelm...i'll keep trying tho' PF but i think we need JM..she is techy

Pixiefish Wed 10-May-06 21:23:41

i'd saved the user name and password int he cookies when i logged on initially dingle. have tried on 2 seperate pc's and double checked the details form the email I was sent.

This tops off a really crap day- spent all of it in tears because of comments by someone and dd's eczema is horrendous so we're not sleeping atm and she's constantly covered in blood from scratching. They say bad luck comes in three's don't they

Carolinett Wed 10-May-06 21:33:15

i've just tried and i can't get on

Pixiefish Wed 10-May-06 21:33:44

did it say invalid password for oyu as well caroline?

Carolinett Wed 10-May-06 21:38:29


Dingle Wed 10-May-06 21:39:35

OO Pixie honey...I'm feeling rather down because of this stupid optician this evening. Have lot's I should be doing but just can't get myself motivated.

If you want to chat you can alway email me you know!!{{{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}}}

Here's to a better day tomorrow and I know it's easy to say but don't let words hurt you, you are above that.

Carolinett Wed 10-May-06 21:43:49

Sorry to hear about your daughter
There's nothing worse than not getting your sleep and worring.
>>>>Big Hugs<<<<<<

Pixiefish Wed 10-May-06 21:46:11

thanks Dingle- i'm in tears again cos you're being nice.- mad woman eh
it's so hard to watch her scratch herself so bad. i put cream on all the time and today i used the medicine from the hospital but she still itches and its so hard. plus she wakes constantly with itching so i never get more than a couple of hours sleep at a time. i know there are others worse off than me but it doesn't make things any easier. and then this woman this morning just topped everything off i spose.
i'm super sensitive at the moment

Pixiefish Wed 10-May-06 21:47:27

thanks caroline. that's why the walk for skin is so important to me so i can try and be proactive

auntyquated Wed 10-May-06 21:51:58

i'm sorry you are having a bad time atm Pixie

i ahve discoverd what carolines problem is but can't see what yours is, sorry. looks like JM has cahnged your user name, no longer your full name jsut your initials

Carolinett Wed 10-May-06 21:57:33

My sister had eczema that bad as a child my mum use to have to put some blue stuff on her & bandge her from head to foot every night. She also had asthma She's got beautiful skin now. But that doesn't help you at the moment I know

Dingle Wed 10-May-06 21:58:15

Pixie, sorry to prt but do you mean someone said unkind words about your DD!!!

Dingle Wed 10-May-06 21:58:43

....urmmm..s/b prY!!

Pixiefish Wed 10-May-06 21:59:45

cos i'm still bfing dingle.

have just tried to reset the password and it says my account is inactive so i guess there's gremlins in the system somewhere

Carolinett Wed 10-May-06 22:05:34

Thanks AQ
I'm in now, don't my way round yet.

Dingle Wed 10-May-06 22:13:36

Oh FGS Pixie!! I know when you are tired and drained with everything else something that would have gone staight over you normally, seems to hit you straight into your heart.

Chin up honey.

Pixiefish Wed 10-May-06 22:15:38

cheers Dingle xx

JayzMummy Thu 11-May-06 09:08:04

PF DH has mailed you.

In future if anyone has problems can you please email us direct.

Pixiefish Thu 11-May-06 09:12:33

cheers JM

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