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biffnbuster Sun 31-Mar-13 11:32:22

what age do you thing a child could start being taught knitting ? My cousins little girl (2 1/2) was very interested in watching me knit and sat on my lap between me and my knitting and helped me put the wool around the needle. She is good with her fingers and listens well to intructions.

KurriKurri Sun 31-Mar-13 15:45:35

Honestly I have no idea, but I would let her have a go, have you got some shorter, reasonably thick needles that would be easier for her to handle?

It's amazing what kids can do at a very young age, sounds like this little girl is grown up for her age, and I have done knitting with four year olds before now, - some manage, some don't. smile

purples Sun 31-Mar-13 15:52:29

At that age I tried french knitting with my daughter. You know the sort of thing that has 4 pins and you wind the wool round and hook the stitches over. It makes a lovely long knitted string that they love playing with.

biffnbuster Mon 01-Apr-13 11:49:42

Thankyou, will look out for a French Knitting set and will give knitting a try next time I see her, I have some shorter wooden needles.

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