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Shift dress lining pattern? Any pattern cutters out their?

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KateSpade Sun 24-Mar-13 21:16:32

I'm making a shift dress for my final collection, have to technical support for three weeks so I thought I'd ask here,

Do I need to add any movement allowances to the lining? I thought maybe slightly under the arms, but I'm not 100% sure or could I use the outer shell pattern for the lining piece?

Also does the lining hem have to be extended, final garment will be bagged out, I have left a 2cm hem allowance on dress.

Thanks, if anyone can help!

KateSpade Sun 24-Mar-13 21:17:17

Have no,

Everhopeful Thu 28-Mar-13 13:06:13

The usual method with linings is to cut the outer shell pattern again in the lining fabric and simply attach it separately.

I don't know if your pattern is sleeveless, has facings, or what. If sleeveless, you can use the lining as if it were facings around the armhole, ie attach by making a seam around the armhole. You don't need any extra ease in the lining. There are only two points where you might like to put extra ease in the lining if it's a very form-fitting dress:where you would add a bit across the shoulders, usually by making a pleat in the middle by attaching at the neck seam and also you turn up a hem and iron it in place to land just below where the top of the outer shell hem is, then you sew the hem of the lining about 2cm longer and attach it at the side/back seams only.

OK, I know I couldn't teach a fish to swim, but if you give that a go, what I mean will probably become clear when you've got it in your hand!! Good luck!

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