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If someone lovely was going to buy you a sewing machine, which one would you get?

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Daffyboobface Fri 08-Mar-13 11:39:40

My mum has said she wants to get me one. I have used her Brother machine for various projects, but am in no way proficient.

I'm thinking of taking a class to help me to stop swearing at it become more adept. Probably shouldn't be too spendy as it's not my money. I have a pipe dream of making children's clothes and selling them online.

Any help, oh wise ones?

rockinhippy Sun 10-Mar-13 13:08:45

Sorry Halle but you need to be careful with sewing machines direct, there was a thread on here a while back & there have been some horror stories.

& Yes I LOVE my vintage machines, I too have several & I also have a new state of the art one - that was used once & barely survived being thrown out of the window as it despite being a recommended brand at the time it drove me nuts & just doesn't work well at speed or with tricky sewing such as bridal wear - I do love a Bernina though & really regret getting rid of my old industrial when I was an employed designer so not really using it & could get anything I needed sewing done via work - now I'm back to self employed & sewing a lot of my own I REALLY wish I still had it sad

Daffyboobface Sun 10-Mar-13 18:41:52

Ok. Clarified budget. £150. I reckon £200 at the absolute outside.

Going to go to JL next weekend and have a play. BUT if anyone is bored enough to want to join this game, if you were me, what (if any) Bernina would you get from what's currently on eBay? Mum said that they are indeed very good...

Can I play if I recommend something other than a Bernina? I used a range of them at our local dealer and at sewing class (oh and owned a serger) and didn't like them so didn't look any more.

Hmm, when the budget was 250 I was going to suggest this...

Pfaffs have dual feed which is built in walking foot which is like magic, especially for quilting but is great for other types of sewing. Unlike a regular walking foot it works with normal feet too. I had one of these machines and only sold it to repair a newer pfaff.

There is another listed for fifty but has six days to run

I would ask the seller some careful questions about how it sews and if there are any problems but would be really tempted by this

maybe one of these, no free arm but really easy to maintain and really heavy duty. Great sewers.

(the 400 series is basically the same as my 500 series but with different styling)

Oh and this is the 3/4 machine I bought my son one of

beautiful little machine, real gem. Perhaps too small as a main machine but works fantastically for someone who has to drag something out and put it away again.

BTW, don't be won over by fancy stitches. Chances are you might use them once or twice the whole time, they tend to look very homemade on things.

Daffyboobface Mon 11-Mar-13 08:46:59

Ooh, thanks! i can't access links on phone but will check out tonight.

Mum v keen on huskvaana (sp?)

HalleLouja Mon 11-Mar-13 08:56:47

I didn't have any problems with Sewing Machine Direct. I got mine from the shop in North London. It seems fine to me and the service was good too. But mine has never broken down.

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