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sizzix 'v' painting a "quote" on walls?

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gussiegrips Mon 04-Mar-13 12:37:00

AHA! That is so much better, thanks very much for your help, Mrs Mushroom.

MrsMushroom Sun 03-Mar-13 23:36:46

I don't think card is a good idea. It will peel and wear in a kitchen. There are companies like this one who do custom made wall decals.

gussiegrips Sun 03-Mar-13 15:05:36

The thing about crafting is, eventually, you come up with an idea you luuuurve, but, you have no idea of how to do it. I'd appreciate help!

We're doing an extension. Giant kitchen, boring cream units. Worksurface has wee copper flecks in it - and I want to paint the end wall in metallic copper acrylic. Yep, a whole wall of copper. Which will nicely reflect the sparkle from my mirror ball (all the best parties happen in the kitchen)

The far wall will be borning cream - and I want to have the Selkirk Grace on it in copper running along the top of the wall. You know, the Burns' grace "some hae meat that cannot eat, and some nae meat that want it. But, we hae meat and we kin eat, sae let the Lord be thankit"

It's got to be really neat, I'd quite like a kind of scroll font, but doing it free hand is a disaster waiting to happen.

I wonder whether a sizzix machine would let me cut out the letters in nice metallic card and just glue them on there? Or, just in vinyl which I then paint in the copper acrylic?

However, I have never used a sizzix. But, this is a blooming good excuse to get my grubby paws on one. And, we're doing an extension - so space to store it...

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