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Becoming SE a few months in to starting 'crafting'

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flubba Fri 01-Mar-13 07:53:20

I've re-posted this from SE/Freelancers figuring some of you lovely crafters will have done this already and may be able to advise.

Usual story I guess is that a hobby has become something I'd like to make (some!) money out of ~ I make fabric handmade goods and started off making things for friends and family, then was commissioned to make a few more things so gave a stall at a local craft fair a go. That went well so did one at my kids' school fair and then one at Christmas. I also have a website but so far haven't sold much through that.

I've (rather belatedly?) realised I should register myself as SE and start doing things officially. However I'm confused as to what date I should put on the form as to when I started to become SE? (I certainly don't have receipts for all things I've sold though would be able to give rough estimates - we're talking a in the low hundreds). Is it best/okay to just state today's date (or even just after new tax year?)

I'm also confused as to what I do about all the consumables and equipment I've bought to this date that will allow me to continue to make and sell things? How would I account for these?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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