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Did anyone else get the card kit TSV from QVC? with scrapbook

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katzg Sat 29-Apr-06 18:20:11

i've lost my instruction book, could anyone possibly help?

either a photocopy or email me a scanned copy

katzg Sun 30-Apr-06 09:12:36


soapbox Sun 30-Apr-06 10:32:00

Do you mean the recent ones in a box - pink, blue or beige? With card making stuff, stickers, 8x8 scrapbook and a pocket album?

If so I bought more than one and have a spare set of instructions!

Email me at joycemgrant at yahoo co uk

katzg Sun 30-Apr-06 11:31:54

fab - have emailed you!

katzg Fri 19-May-06 11:30:35

did you get my email?

was thinking about this today

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