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Could I knit a " knitted character?"

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EllenJaneisstillnotmyname Mon 18-Feb-13 17:41:50

The Harry Hill 'Knitted Character' was actually crocheted, not knitted, so that first pattern is pretty good. Not so good if you don't crochet, of course.

MercedesKing Sun 17-Feb-13 09:22:08

To knit exquisitely is not that hard, you can try to knit one by yourself, definitely you can follow a pattern,this would be much easier and less expensive, but you would spend a lot pf time! anyway, it worth the time, you can knit in future for your other family members. smile

deleted203 Sun 17-Feb-13 00:15:40

If you've never knitted anything in your life I think you might find it difficult, TBH. Can you knit? It looks reasonably simple in shape, however, and there's a knitting pattern on ebay for £1.99 if that helps.

TheSilveryPussycat Sun 17-Feb-13 00:05:29

That pattern is actually crochet...

MrsMushroom Sat 16-Feb-13 23:55:25

Yes! Here's a Free Pattern!

Cuckoomama Sat 16-Feb-13 23:38:50

My beautiful grandson has said he would love a knitted character as in Harry Hills tv Burp. I have never knitted anything in my life but I would love to give him one. I looked at buying a ready made one but they were £12-99p which seems quite expensive to me. Do you think I could follow a pattern? ( presuming I could find one of course).

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