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I want to make a kindle cover.....I don't really know how; can anyone help?

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KatyMac Mon 18-Feb-13 20:59:29

I still haven't started this

I have so many projects to do atm

alto1 Sat 16-Feb-13 16:03:15

I used one of those card wallets that photobox prints come in, covered it with decoupage and then stickyback plastic. Keeps it safe in handbag and reminds me of Italian holiday as well

CardiCorgi Tue 12-Feb-13 08:34:24

You could use the plastic that's sold for making bag bottoms if you wanted extra stiffening. I found that a couple of layers of interfacing were fine, especially the still stuff that feels like thick paper.
There's a tutorial here which was quite good apart from getting the corners properly sharp which I found a bit difficult:

KatyMac Tue 12-Feb-13 07:28:03

This is exciting - I can't wait to start

jenniepanda Mon 11-Feb-13 22:23:06

You need this tutorial
I made one similar to this and it really is easy. I used a heavy-weight card, but I've heard of loads of people using card from ring binders. You need cardboard that doesn't bend like the ones used for packaging.

actually, I take it back, I used cereal box for the outer and folder card for the inner. So two pieces of cut up ring binder for the inner front and back covers and cereal box for the outside of the front and back cover.

oh and I used a piece of cereal box for the 'spine'

yes, I used four pieces, two front and back. I used spray adhesive and fabric to cover it and then solvent based contact adhesive to glue the fabric covered cards together. An elastic hairband holds the ipad in and another one holds it closed when not in use.

KatyMac Sun 10-Feb-13 19:49:07

One of the very thick card ones? That might work - I'll see if I have one

I made an iPad cover and used thick card from an old ring binder, worked great.

KatyMac Sat 09-Feb-13 20:53:09

I want the sorts that folds in half with the kindle inside - using elastic to hold in the Kindle.

I also want it to stand on it's long edge when it's open

My biggest issue is what to use to make it firm, wood would be too bulky/heavy card would just bend - I'm not sure interfacing would be stiff enough - any ideas?

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