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Debbie Bliss Mag autumn/winter 2012 fox pattern

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KittieCat Sat 16-Feb-13 07:22:24

Might not much.

KittieCat Sat 16-Feb-13 07:21:26

Thanks for replying. I'd forgotten all about Ravelry. Off to have a look now. Looks like there are some other nice patterns in the mag so much just buy it, too!

MerryMingeWhingesAgain Tue 12-Feb-13 12:51:34

I think I might have it somewhere. I will have a look for you. I haven't knitted it though.

Dothraki Mon 11-Feb-13 19:19:55

There are some free fox patterns on ravelry.

KittieCat Fri 08-Feb-13 15:17:05

I was wondering on the off chance if anyone has knitted the fox hat as detailed above?

I saw some pics and wanted to see if anyone recommended it before I shell out nearly £8 for the mag with the pattern in it ... let alone the wool!

Any other suggestions for a knitted fox hat for a toddler?

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