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Make your own charm necklace out of several pearl beads and seed beads

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NotADragonOfSoup Thu 07-Feb-13 07:19:27

Isn't it your website though?

wanting Thu 07-Feb-13 02:18:17

This toturial is also come from pandahall. I found a lots of intersting and useful toturial and handmade jewelry in that website. I love this pendant, it's elegant.

wanting Thu 07-Feb-13 02:16:30

To be frank, there are larger numbers of techniques to make your own charm necklace as the style you desire. You can simply turn a photo or treasured bead into a charm pendant. Or if you like, you can also create an entirely distinctive charm necklace out of three kinds of beads: glass beads, Pearlized Acrylic beads and seed beads. Have this interested you? Then, you can start now.
Instructions for making your own charm necklace:

Step1: make out the “V” shape skeleton

This part is mainly consisted of several linked loops out of two Pearlized Acrylic beads and two Bicone Glass Beads. Between each two loops, share one Bicone Glass Bead.

Pay attention of the center portion of the pendant that in order to shape it into the “V” mark, move the two added Pearlized Acrylic beads into the below working end as the diagram show.
Step2: make the four side surfaces

In the whole solid charm pendant, if regard the portion you have made in step1 as one surface, this step will teach you how to make the four side surfaces of your charm necklace.

1. Add two Pearlized Acrylic beads one working end and then cross both tips through another one to form one surface;

2. Lead the left working end through its adjoining pear bead, and the other end string three 12/0 seed bead, at last cross through one more Pearlized Acrylic bead;

3. Repeat the above procedures for the second side surface; then make the third side surface out of three Pearlized Acrylic beads as you did in the beginning;

4. Make the forth side surface which is wholly as same as the second surface;

5. At last, finishing all the step2 part by cross two working ends through three 12/0 seed beads.
Step3: make the last surface of whole charm necklace

1. Weave the left working end through its adjoining pear bead and three 12/0 seed beads; then cross both together through one Pearlized Acrylic beads;

2. In the following parts, regard each three 12/0 seed beads as one whole to make the loops as diagram show;

3. in the corner of charm, the left working end do not need to add or through any 12/0 seed bead;

4. At last, hide the wire ends by weaving them randomly through the beads. Usually, 6~8 pieces can be enough. Trim the excess portion and you can start make your own charm necklace now.
Step4: ending work

1. String one 10mm Pearlized Acrylic bead and one bead cap with the headpin, make a loop with 6mm pin and hang on a 4~5 mm long chain.

2. Hang the chain on the central corner location with a Jumpring;

3. String two Pearlized Acrylic beads with two Eyepin respectively to adorn the chain.

Now, you have completed making your own charm necklace! So delicate, isn’t it? To get one like this, all you have to do is following the above steps. Each detail has been showcased with clearly with pictures and words explanations! Or you can just freely change the color collocation of your charm necklace depending on your preference! Whatever, hope this instruction may be of some help to you!

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