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Tutorial on how to make your own silver jewelry and how to make name necklaces that way

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wanting Thu 07-Feb-13 01:53:41

Valentine's day is coming, I hope lovers have a happy Valentine's day.

wanting Thu 07-Feb-13 01:52:04

If the cheery X-mas Day comes, will the Romantic Valentine’s Day still be far behind? Have you guys get ready for that day yet? Or have you already struggle on searching for a Valentine’s Day gift? All right, maybe you should consider this how to make name necklaces idea. Personalized jewelry is always the item that is most appreciated and welcomes by girls, and there is no type of jewelry can be as individual as a necklace marked with her name on it. Here, you will also go over the skill how to make your own silver jewelry again. Let’s get started, shall we?
How to make name necklaces?

Step1: choose the letters

Pick out the letters in her names and arrange the letters’ locations.

Step2: stamp on the letters

Stamp with the hammer two times for each letter. Remember that neither too hard nor too soft. Practice some times before starting on your actual silver metal.
Step3: line up with Permanent marker

Line each letter carefully by the Permanent marker. After dry for some seconds, wipe off the excess portion.

Repeat the above steps twice for two pieces silver element. String them on a Jumpring.
Step4: assemble and embellish your name necklace

Thread one Swarovski Bead onto the Eyepin and the loop the other tip. Assemble the two silver elements with chain and hang on the Swarovski bead.
Thus, after getting the how to make name necklaces ideas, will your priority are the ubiquitous chocolates, flowers or cards? Besides, for a special birthday party or memorable occasions, such as the upcoming Valentine’s Day gift, a name necklace is definitely best choice. Just gather together the materials and start to make one for her.

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