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Valentines’ day gift ideas-how to make bracelets with beads and wire

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wanting Thu 07-Feb-13 01:49:39

It's a great idea, I find this toturials in learning center of pandahall, so I share with you here.

wanting Thu 07-Feb-13 01:47:24

Back to the ancient times, the Valentine’s Day has been celebrated by couples and spouses by means of exchanging gifts. Doing something particular for a male or female friend should be on the agenda now. Besides the ubiquitous valentines’ day gift ideas like chocolate, teddy bear and flowers, you may also desire to get other thoughtful and affordable gifts. There is a simple way to solve the issue-that’s follow this tutorial on how to make bracelets with beads and wire.
How to make bracelets with beads and wire?

Step1: make the wrapped bead component

1. Prepare a proper length wire and thread one bead you have selected for your bracelet onto the wire;

2. Form a loop at the end of the bead. Reserve several centimeters for wrapping around the loop and do the next procedures;

3. Wrap the same wire tip around the bead. Whatever method you like;

4. At the bead’s bottom, make another loop with another tip and wrapping the two excess tails around the loop just the same way like before;

5. After certain times, stop wrapping;

6. Trim off the final extra wire portion.
Step2: create valentines’ day gift ideas

As soon as finished the bead component, you can choose to make a necklace out of one piece or make a bracelet by making more pieces.

Connect the components one by one via the simple action open and close Jumprings.

Depending on the size of beads you selected, one complete bracelet may need 5~8 pieces of the fundamental elements.

In the end, attach on the Toggle clasp by another two Jumprings and your bracelet has done!
How about the ingenious valentines’ day gift ideas out of dress up bead components, adorable or creative? As each bead portion only takes me 5 minutes, it should be definite such kind inspiration worth learning. So what fresh ideas are you come up with after understanding the key point for how to make bracelets with beads and wire? Despite of all changeable factors, love is imperishable!

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