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I've got just over. Week to make a Tudor dress for dd, argh!

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DieWilde13 Thu 07-Feb-13 19:03:36

Oh, ladies, you are fab!!

I have made a start on the skirt today, chopped off the original waistband, pleated all of it (don't panic, MarinaIvy!), and am now hand stitching it onto the belt of a pair of salopettes dd has just grown out of. We're definitely going for as authentic as humanly possible grin

I love the idea of a bum roll, will have to see how well this will go down with dd. She is 6, and she needs to be able to go to the loo on her own!

Thanks for your offer of your farthingale, MarinaIvy! Will have to google what it is, but again dd has to be able to manage her attire on her own at school...

I will definitely make the Alice band French hood and try to achieve the square neckline with some buttons sewn onto a top. Will also embellish an old pair of plimsolls and let the young lady wear all the jewellery she can carry!

I am now off to look for a travel cushion. I know we have an inflatable one somewhere.

Thanks again for all your great ideas! thanks

MarinaIvy Thu 07-Feb-13 17:00:03

Former Tudor reenactor to the rescue here!

An authentic Tudor technique is to make large-ish (say, 2-3" across) flat "top pleats" where two pleats bump up against each other rather than, say, lapping around all in the same direction. These top pleats have more pleats beneath these.

When held up by a bum roll they fall pleasingly, and are the perfect way to take up all that "extra" yardage (for a Tudor skirt, what you've desribed is not extra! So step away from the seam ripper, citizen).

I can't find a good link for you, but google image search "tudor tailor", and enjoy the garb porn!

Bum roll: a neck cushion might work (depending on the wearer's waistline! But easier almost is a thinner version of a bolster or any tube stuffed with some hollow-fibre - even a relatively hearty tights leg would do). NB - the bum roll doesn't sit around the waist, but more like around the hips.

Other relatively easy things to do (you mention you're not a slouch with the sewing machine) - any one is nice, all is fabulous:

If you can also, find hoops, or perhaps skirt stiffener or padding sewn into the hem of the skirt. Heck, if you live close to SarfEssex I'll loan you my farthingale.

Square low(ish) neckline might be easy to achieve - depending on level of authenticity required, could even be as simple as taking a long- or 3/4 sleeved t-shirt with a scoop neckline and pulling the front corners to closer to the armpits, fasten with a couple of brooches or earrings to either a ribbon drawn round the back, or DD's bra (if she's of that age). Consider a bustier or corset as a base (let it do all the foundation work) and just tack some things onto it.

The simplest French hood (think Anne Boleyn's hat) can be made with an Alice band and some cardboard. A bit of opaque fabric hanging down from the back. There's online patterns for this, too.

Pearls and jewels on any surface that doesn't run away fast enough. Big pearl necklace that wraps around the neck, then dips down into the corners of the neckline.

Finally, skinny sleeves, with very large cuffs, preferably in [faux]fur, and fake undersleeves (the big round ones you see Tudor ladies wear).

Don't know DD's age, so re-calculate anything you need to to more age-appropriate supplies, as appl.

PM me if I haven't made your eyes glaze over already...

Best of luck!

FashionFail Thu 07-Feb-13 14:19:14

You need a large white shirt.

Now paint some black lines on it.

She can go as a Mock Tudor.


MadderHat Thu 07-Feb-13 13:46:32

If you have a neck cushion (for travel sleeping, though my children use them to breastfeed their dollies), put straps on the ends and tie it around her waist. That makes a fairly good Elizabethan bum roll. Put the skirt over the top, pleats mainly at the back, and hey presto - really good Elizabethan look. Rather than being silly, show her how authentic it is.

costumequeen Thu 07-Feb-13 13:04:11

You could whack some elastic on it? May be a bit bulky around the waist but is definitely a quick fix! Either stitch a channel on the back with cotton tape and thread a flat elastic through and pull up to fit, or get some extra wide flat elastic, and add a new waistband, gathering the original waistband onto it as you go? Stick her in a short sleeve blouse and put a corset/fitted strapless top over the top and that should be passable!

BardOfBarking Wed 06-Feb-13 21:13:11

Anywhere near a TK MAX they had lots of Tudor ish dress up clothes in my 2 local shops.

DieWilde13 Wed 06-Feb-13 21:01:25

It's history week next week and they have to come in costume on Friday.

I took dd to the charity shop today and she found a vile the perfect Tudor Queen skirt, dark blue with sequins and pearls on.

The problem is that the skirt is a size 14 and dd is 6!

I was thinking of pleats at the top to make a really full skirt, but I will have to pleat so much fabric I think it will look stupid. What do I do now? Open up the side seams and construct a completely new skirt?

This seemed like such a good idea a few hours ago, but now I really don't know where to start. I am not a novice at the sewing machine, but neither am I particularly gifted as dd keeps pointing out helpfully Victorian chimney sweep child seems strangely attractive!

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