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Some basic knitting questions for a novice!

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MuddyWellyNelly Wed 06-Feb-13 20:47:53

Thanks Fraktion I tried youtube but super slow broadband made me give up. I'll try again. I did find a video for a buttonhole which is essentially what I was doing, in large scale. They used a "backwards loop" cast on which looked rather simple.

fraktion Tue 05-Feb-13 19:22:20

There are 2 methods to cast on with a needle. I prefer to knit, then stick the needle perpendicular to the knitting between the two most recent stitches, below the needle, above the work, wrap the wool wound to pull it through and knit the stitch.

There's possibly a clear way to explain it but try you tubing 2 needle cast on.

MuddyWellyNelly Tue 05-Feb-13 19:17:32

Thank you - whoops, I missed a row in my scarf with the cast on then. Won't make much difference in this pattern, but good to know for the future!

That's a good idea on the cushion vs blanket, thanks!

The cast on doesn't look quite so bad as I continue to knit rows, I think the main issue is they are a bit loose confused.

storynanny Tue 05-Feb-13 19:02:02

1. It's another 4 rows after the cast on row.
2. Crochet hook
3. The blanket will be strait forward but you may find it too large to deal with, how about making it small scale to start with and making it into a cushion cover?
4. DK means double knit, usually 4mm needles for knit stitch, slightly smaller for rib.
5. Will have a think about it for you, I find it easier to try it out rather just see it in my head and explain it too you.
Good luck with the knitting, it's a lovely hobby to have.

MuddyWellyNelly Tue 05-Feb-13 17:55:30

OK so I learnt to knit, just knit and purl, at school then haven't touched it again in 20 a few years.

DH bought me a cute Cath Kidston knitting set for my christmas so I am midway through my first scarf. Just stripey garter stitch with a slit in it, so relatively basic, but I'm doing ok. A few questions though, if some kind people would be able to help me!

1. Casting on - I can do it easily enough, but when a pattern says cast on x-stitches, knit 4 rows, does the cast on row count as row 1, or do you knit 4 more rows?

2. Dropped stitches - had a few of these. Sometimes I've not noticed and have a couple of irritating holes, but assuming I spot it in time to remedy it, what is the easiest tool for the job of pulling the thread back through (as in, the previous row's stitch has come out). A crochet hook?

3. How would you proceed in order of difficulty? The scarf is being knitted with cheapie acrylic from the kit. I've been eyeing up this blanket as a next project. Any suggestions for yarn, as it's an american website? It's just knit and purl though, what would be a good more technical pattern to progress to? What skills should I learn next wink

4. What does DK mean and how do you know what size needles and wool combo to go for?

5. And finally, a specific question on my current pattern. The scarf has a slit to thread one end through when you wear it. The pattern was to knit 35 stitches, cast off 20, knit to end of row. Then next row, knit to cast off stitches, cast on 20, knit to end of row. My cast off was pretty neat, I was pleased with it, but then the cast on was a bit messy. I figured I couldn't use the 2 needles method as I was mid row, so did it with my hand, onto the right needle. But when I was shown how to do it originally, on a fresh project, there was a very long tail to the left that you formed the stitches with. Obviously mid-project I only had the yarn that was already half-knitted in, so didn't have the tail, and got a slightly loose and twisted form of cast on. It worked but it wasn't very neat! Was there a better way of doing it? Sorry, it's so hard to explain, no idea if that makes sense.

Sorry for the questions. I'm rapidly becoming addicted, it's the perfect winter hobby grin.

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