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Ideas to jazz up plain cream canvas curtains

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Urbanvoltaire Tue 05-Feb-13 17:50:22

Thanks for the replies& links. I think I'll follow the advice of one shape to avoid it looking too random then add some ricrac & ribbons along the way. These curtains will be behind my bed so the bottom of it won't be seen so any contrasting fabric is hidden from sight. I might do a panel across the top though.

Thanks again!

The OMG of decorated drop cloth curtains. Even if the ikat isn't your style, think what else you could do! Toning colours, along one edge, all sorts of things

DieWilde13 Mon 04-Feb-13 20:55:19

Personally, I would probably try to print something onto the curtains, but as you want to use up your fabric stash I think using bondaweb and the appliqueing them one is a good idea.
I also like MrsMushroom's fabric scrap stripes, I am not a fan of rick rack, though.

Have you had a look on Pinterest for inspiration? has gazillions of ideas for curtains as well.

MrsMushroom Mon 04-Feb-13 17:37:45

To be honest I think you'll find that will look very fussy. Cutting out shapes like that and then using bondaweb will probably look like what it is...a bit of a rush job. It's to do with the lack of finish on the edges of the shapes.

If you really wanted to try it then I would stick to the same shape all over...say hearts...and then ue different fabric on each. That would stop it being too busy.

Or...I would choose some fabric you like a sew a new bottom edge on the ends of the curtains are patterned in one long band. You could then use pompom trim without it being ott.

Or if you like the vintage look (hence the pompoms) I would add three rows of coloured rick-rack at any point you fancy

Here's a link with some tea towels done with an edge of fabric in the way I mean and they also have jumbo rick rack

Urbanvoltaire Sun 03-Feb-13 19:25:36

I've got a new pair of cream canvas curtains & am after ideas to customise them. They are the correct dimensions & am on a budget so wanting to use of some of my fabric stash in the process.

I was thinking of cutting out shapes in patterned cotton & use bondaweb to adhere them to the canvas - flowers, butterflies, stars, clouds etc.... Then use a pompom trim down the sides.

Good idea? I've searched on google & don't see anything quite like what I'm thinking on doing.

Thanks fellow crafters!

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