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Could one of you lovely people come and talk to me about jewellery making?

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plipplops Wed 30-Jan-13 18:09:56

As long as you had a good enough knot at one end you could almost certainly just thread them all one at once. But you might want to knot in between to use fewer beads or as part of your design? Sorry for oversimplifying, but you could just get a twisted wire needle (I've just googled it and I think that's what you need), thread the beads onto the ribbon, tie a decent knot at each end to stop them falling off and leave a bit spare at each end for tying in a bow at the back of your neck, then you don't have to worry about jump rings/clasps etc. It depends on whether you want to have a clasp or just tie it (if the beads are heavy I'd go with a clasp, but you could get one where you tie the ribbon straight on to the clasp, tie a knot and secure with a bit of glue or a stitch or two). If you look here they have loads of clasps, you could just tie it on to the end of your ribbon without needing any tools other than the needle, might be a good place to start depending on how defined you have a picture in your head?

Sorry if I'm rambling a bit, trying to sort tea and talk to DDs at the same time!

mrstiredandconfused Tue 29-Jan-13 17:52:07

Ooh thanks plipplops! When you thread the beads on do you keep threading or do you tie knots in between the beads? Also I'd wondered about knotting and stitching the ribbon to the jump hoops - do you think that would be secure enough? Or would knotting and fabric glue work better (lie flatter) do you think? Sorry for all the questions, getting very excited but worried about getting it right!

plipplops Tue 29-Jan-13 16:27:53

Hello!! I make beaded and silver jewellery. The standard wire is generically called tiger tail, brands are beadalon and analon (get the 7 strand one). Loads of websites out there to sell the kit, I used to get quite a bit of stuff from Beads Unlimited (they have a fab catalogue too). You thread the beads, then thread a metal ring (called a jump ring) on the end. Fold the wire back on itself and secure it with a 'crimp' which is a bit like a little silver bead that you squeeze closed with pliers. Then you can thread the ribbon through the jump ring to tie up. Or if you have thin ribbon I guess you can probably thread it onto some kind of needle, thread the beads straight on, stick a know at either end and away you go (I've never used ribbon so am guessing a bit). Go to a big newsagent and get a copy of Making Jewellery Magazine (there's one called Make Jewellery that is v shit and old fashioned, not that one) which has all sorts of stuff in. And youtube is your friend...

mrstiredandconfused Tue 29-Jan-13 14:25:52

That's it really! I really want to make beaded necklaces (single strand) with ribbons attached to tie them up. I'm a complete novice and I don't know what sort of thread would be best to use (I've heard that the clear stuff is really difficult to keep tied up securely as you knot between beads?), no idea about tools, hoops - nada!

Coud anyone offer me some advice about where to start? Pretty please? grin

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