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SkipHop nappy bag strap clips

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Rhienne Thu 24-Jan-13 11:18:04

DC2 is due in May and our nappy bag is a squeeze with the stuff I normally take for DS. I made our nappy bag, and I love it, but think I need to make one a bit bigger for two.

Alternatively, I'm really tempted by the SkipHop range, but none of them meet quite all my wishlist. (And they cost a bucket).

Ok - if I'm honest, I crave those fab clips that can clip the bag to stroller, or have a shoulder strap.

So I wondered if anyone has an old SkipHop bag with the fancy clips, that they are maybe going to bin sometime soon. Would you be willing to cut off the clips and send them to me? I'll happily pay postage!

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