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Craft box essentials for a 4/5 year old?

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skiffler Tue 05-Feb-13 08:36:43

The Works has some good craft stuff, usually quite cheap.

Some suggestions: pipe cleaners (coloured ones are more useful than white), googly eyes, feathers, sticky jewels, sequins, cotton reels, buttons, craft foam, cardboard from packaging, glitter glue pens (avoid loose glitter - it WILL get everywhere!), tissue paper, mini pom-poms. Child-friendly scissors that actually cut.

Would cellophane work for the project your DS wants to do? I think they sell it on Yellow Moon.

FireOverBabylon Mon 04-Feb-13 16:14:06

Have a look in Wilkinsons - they have some craft kits and loads of craft stuff - paper, stickers, glitter, paper plates and bowls etc and they're really cheap.

Also, if you have a "The Range" store near you, they also have a good craft selection.

Leafmould Wed 23-Jan-13 23:11:12

staedtler try to get good quality stuff. Kids can't do brilliant artwork with crappy pencils and paper. They get frustrated with it. I think these pens are great, and they last really well.

TheJanuaryProject Wed 23-Jan-13 22:35:09

Thanks Zumo. I'll check out those ideas. I love the idea of dad's old shirt, DS is on the small side but it'd be very cute to see!

zumo Wed 23-Jan-13 22:29:27

Google activity village its fantastic loads of printables and good ideas.
Our local £1 shop sells load of stuff for crafting.
Have you seen the printable cars you cut out to make a 3d car?
Other items
Pasta shapes, Glue, Argos cat for pics etc, Bog roll, PVA glue, paint brushes big and small, modelling clay, Dads old shirt for an apron, Grass seed and empty eggs for Eg heads, Sponge cut up to make printing blocks, Spray paint can be good with the correct supervision, stencils.

TheJanuaryProject Wed 23-Jan-13 20:05:45

I've always enjoyed doing crafty stuff with DS, but mostly have bought things in the past for a specific purpose e.g. cards and foam stickers etc to make Christmas cards.

He's recently become obsessed by Art Attack and has a long list of things that he wants to make. I thought I'd treat him with a craft box full of things so that we have the stuff to make some of these creations, so any suggestions of what is essentials are beyond paper and paint? We've got some toddler bits and pieces like finger paints and hundreds of Christmas stickers but that's about it.

Something he wants to make needs tracing paper (so that's on the list) and clear but coloured plastic sheets (but I couldn't find these on Yellow Moon - not sure if they are called something specific).

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