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sewing advice please

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fiddlemethis Tue 22-Jan-13 13:01:34

I was thinking of having a crack at making this, however, I am a very basic sewer. Woulc anyone be able to give me some advice, I'd happily pop a little something in the post for anyone who can guide me through making one!

fiddlemethis Tue 22-Jan-13 13:01:59

Ninetyninepercent Tue 22-Jan-13 13:16:35

Ah pretty!! Looks like you'd need a metre is some swishy material (silk I guess although you might be better with some sort of polyester chiffon more bung in the wash type material. Turn over the seams. Tack a running stitch down the centre and gather the material so that it is the right length (measure your dd and have it from nape of neck to middle lower back?). Get contrasting material for the centre band. Maybe 5cm diameter plus seam allowance. Cut two of that diameter. . and twice as long as the final length you want it to be (so that you can use it to cover back and front of wings). Sew both those together with right side fabric together - leaving a a bit to turn it right side round. Then stitch up hole. Press. Attach it to the outside from nape of neck down back (over gathered stitching) k on outside of wings and then bring it up the inside of wings from back back up to neck. Baste in place and then stitch edges with sewing machine through all layers to attach bits together. Add two hand loops (maybe out of some lovely ribbon?) and bobs your uncle.

That's just how I would do it though - and not far from basic novice myself!!!

Ninetyninepercent Tue 22-Jan-13 13:21:28

Thinking about it you might have to shape the main material rather than have square bit - so cut material into a semi-circle possibly?

If you are a very basic sew-er I would make it easy on yourself and use ribbon for the ties and centre back piece. If you do a web search for Sarah's silks fairy wings there are pictures of the wings from the front so you can see how they are tied on. It looks like you could take a long piece of floppy silky ribbon and lay it across the finished gathered piece and attach it in the middle like the neck of a cape (if that makes sense).

NotADragonOfSoup Tue 22-Jan-13 17:12:34

I think it looks like an ordinary rectangle of fabric, gathered along the middle (something like curtain tape would probably work). With a thick ribbon sewn along the top edge with loops to hold/tie at the wrist. There must be some kind of neck fastening too or ties/loops all along the top edge to attach to the arms.

For the arms, I'd sew loops to put the child's arms though, 3 per arm maybe...

In fact, I have a large floaty scarf in a rainbow snake skin print I might try this on later... Curse you!

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