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Peachyclair Fri 21-Apr-06 10:57:22

OK, have been promising this for a while, so if you've overspent you still HAVE to do it

Theme for swap will be: SUMMER!!! (Coz I'd like one, please )

To take part e-mail your details to, and leave a name underneath so I can check if i got your message. Pease put your MN name on the e-mail as this is my first swap to run. Ta. Also please tell me any hates / preferences and if you want to, specify scrapbooking, cardmaking, or general craft tart .

Gifts to go out by May 20th, thereby crossing a pay day for everyone I would have thought, and indeed the student grant season.

Parcels should contain:

something shiny
something natural (so paper, dried flowers, shells, silk ribbon etc etc etc)
something girly
something masculine (can be boy if a problem, so train ribbon or whatever)

then make up to £12 with a present of your choice

And finally, add a card you've made if possible.


please do join in or I'll think I am billy no mates......

auntyquated Fri 21-Apr-06 11:24:15

will email you, thnaks.

Peachyclair Fri 21-Apr-06 11:34:03

excellent, thanks

should state... last sign up 4th May

Whizzz Fri 21-Apr-06 11:46:10

ME !

OOOoo sounds fun as I didn't do the last one

Ta Peachy

sixtwosix Fri 21-Apr-06 11:49:29

i think i would like to do this.
can i also suggest everyone gets proof of postage?
question about the included bits? do you mean like a shiny embellishment? or a shiny paper cut?

Whizzz Fri 21-Apr-06 11:56:38

I assume the 'make up to £12' will include postage costs too ?

Peachyclair Fri 21-Apr-06 12:01:45

Shiny can be anything..... beads, die cuts, sequins, embellishments- let your mind wander.

Whizzz, I wasn't going to include postage as last time we had to buy a £10 gift... however, I can be persuaded if the opinions on this thread sre strong

Whizzz Fri 21-Apr-06 12:06:22

I just wondered whether the total cost of the stuff + P&P should be around £12 (I'd vote for that) or whether you pick £12 of lighter stuff so as not to incur high P&P costs !

or am I over complicating it !!!!
(no one mention nappy vouchers !)

Peachyclair Fri 21-Apr-06 12:14:48

Official ban on:

nappy vouvhers
Tesco computers for schools tickets
etc etc etc

(personally whizzz I tend to pick cheap to post stuff, but ama waiting further opinion)

champs Fri 21-Apr-06 15:34:42


yes please peachyclair!!

katzg Fri 21-Apr-06 16:53:14

Me please!

JayzMummy Fri 21-Apr-06 17:30:03

Yes please Peachy

Peachyclair Fri 21-Apr-06 17:44:24

Oh come all ye faithful

Carolinett Fri 21-Apr-06 17:55:07

Count me in please
I've sent you an email
Thank you for organising this swap.

jenk1 Fri 21-Apr-06 18:52:03

count me in

Peachyclair Fri 21-Apr-06 21:09:04

welcome, girls

sixtwosix Sat 22-Apr-06 08:52:40

ive emailed you peachy

Peachyclair Mon 24-Apr-06 11:25:41

Not all the e-mails are reaching me (Quelle surprise) but I will post those I don't have but who have signed up in the next few days (ie when I can be bothered )

katzg Mon 24-Apr-06 11:28:16

i know i said i would do this but i'm going to have to back out - sorry my dream job has come up and i need to do the perfect application to be able to get it, so i don't think i can commit to this! sorry again!

JayzMummy Tue 25-Apr-06 00:51:53

Peachy....Ive mailed you.

JayzMummy Tue 25-Apr-06 00:52:44

Good luck with the job application Katz....go for it.

katzg Tue 25-Apr-06 10:28:54


kickassangel Tue 25-Apr-06 10:48:59

yes please! i presume the present will be for a child?

kickassangel Tue 25-Apr-06 11:05:18

or am i being thick? sorry, haven't done this before - are we putting together a 'craft bundle' for another mner, or doing a present for a kid, with a card & some crafty bits to go with it so it can be wrapped, embellished?

JayzMummy Wed 26-Apr-06 11:54:29

kickass....I think its a craft bundle for a Mnetter...better check with Peachy first though.

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