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do you sell on etsy....can you help please?

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Seabright Thu 10-Jan-13 09:55:33

It takes a while for search engines to find web pages, plus, your domain name doesn't have a website yet, so there is nothing for them to find.

Why not set up a website using your domain name and for the shop section link to your easy page? That way you don't have to sort out all the payment side of things yourself.

bettykelly123 Wed 09-Jan-13 22:17:46

ive set up a shop on etsy although in not trading yet.(myeviemyrose or my evie my rose) however ive also purchased a domain name . how do i make sure that whenever someone looks for my etsy shop that the shop page comes up? at the moment when i search for my shop my etsy profile page comes up and if im logged in you can see whats in my basket etc so its not safe. ive no idea what to do.
also i was thinking of setting up my own shop through weebly and thats why i bought the domain name but ive discovered ill have to pay for a "cart" so ill leave it for a while and stick to etsy but my details on weebly dont even come up when i put in
what am i doing wrong???

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