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card makers, can I pick your brains about wedding invitationss?

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I am making my own wedding invitations. But what kind of paper should I use to line the inside to hide the stuck on bits of the ribbon? The paper would be black but would "normal" paper be too thick?

Also, what glue is best? Should I buy a glue gun?


TheWoollybacksWife Thu 03-Jan-13 10:09:41

I have used normal paper and it was perfectly fine. For sticking paper to paper or card I would use double sided sticky tape. Try to buy fingerlift tape as the paper is wider than the sticky tape so you don't go batshit crazy trying to find the edge.

Fir sticking embellishments on the front there is a whole world of sticky stuff that you can use! What you use depends on how you are decorating the front. I made my sister's invitations and stuck ribbon on with tape and mini gems on with a product called Glue Dots. I have also used Super Glue when the embellishments are quite heavy.


Im just having a wide ribbon and a thin ribbon so they will be stuck to the inside iyswim, so tape would do that too then. Sounds straight forward enough!


TheWoollybacksWife Thu 03-Jan-13 10:25:23

Sounds lovely. I recommend Josy Rose for all things haberdashery. They have some gorgeous stuff.

Good luck with the invitations smile

OrangeLily Thu 03-Jan-13 10:27:13

I made mine and I swear by double sided tape! I used it for so many wedding things. Much easier than hot glue and neater too.

I was on josy rose earlier and found this ribbon.

I will then have this one over the top tied in a bow.

Do you think that first ribbon is an ok width for an A6 card which is standing landscape?

TheWoollybacksWife Thu 03-Jan-13 11:09:24

They are lovely. If you are unsure then just buy a metre of each at first to make a sample. This will give you an idea of how much ribbon you will need per invitation so will help ensure you don't buy too much or too little for your invitations.

I would advise drawing a line on your card with a faint pencil and ruler so you can stick your ribbon down in a straight line.

Also I am sure you won't do what my sister did and count up the number of guests and allocate them an invitation each, instead of one per couple/family etc. Getting a phone call when you are near finishing the 180th invitation is no fun angry

Oh no! 180 shock

No, I have allocated per family thankfully. I need to make 30 but I am buying enough for 50 to account for errors. Also, most items come in pack sizes of 50!

WheresMyCow Thu 03-Jan-13 11:43:07

Are you sticking the end of the two ribbons over the edges of the card into the inside and that is what you want to cover up?

Whereabouts on the card will the ribbon be placed i.e. by the fold, in the centre etc.

If by the fold, then you would be able to cover up the ends with your insert, by using a bit of double-sided to stick the insert to the front of the card. I'd do this as close to the fold as possible.

Another thing that you could do if you are sticking the ribbons to the front of the card is to actually cut then the right length so that nothing goes to the inside of the card that you need to hide smile

Im worried that the ends will look messy if they are cut to length because I would have to use the tape on the front. I am an amateur so it probably would. If its round the back it can be covered with the insert!

The ribbon will be beside the fold. Does that make a difference?

WheresMyCow Thu 03-Jan-13 13:31:39

It just means that you will be able hide the ends with the insert...if the ribbons were in the middle of the card, you could still hide the ends with the insert but it wouldn't look as tidy.

I don't usually attach the insert to the inside front of the card as this makes the insert open automatically when the card is opened. However, when I have something to hide i.e. ribbon ends then I do attach to the front.

A good site to get card supplies from is this one pdacardandcraft as you can pretty much get the quantities that you want, but you can also just buy one or two of things so that you can see what things look like before buying in bulk. I made some corporate christmas cards a few years ago and I got most of my supplies from here.

That site looks great, thanks!

I think I will try it both ways and see which looks better!

HaveToWearHeels Thu 03-Jan-13 16:25:55

I made mine and used double sided tape, also used this website

HaveToWearHeels Thu 03-Jan-13 16:28:09

I made mine and used double sided tape, also used this website

WholeLottaRosie Thu 03-Jan-13 20:15:24

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

WheresMyCow Mon 07-Jan-13 08:59:43

I guess it depends on how many cards you have to make and how much your ribbon costs. I do tend to tie my ribbon around so there are no ends to hide, but if you are making a lot of cards it means extra ribbon and extra costs. It also may not work out with how you want the card to look IYSWIM smile

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