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Knitted Pokemon hat

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Justjibberish Mon 31-Dec-12 19:39:54

Thank you, as stupid as it sounds, I've always searched for beanies on Ravelry, and can never find a very plain one. I'll try a search using slouchy . It is, apparently a Drifloon hat, what doesn't show in the picture are the eyes, the cloud on the top of the hat (big white pom pom) and the long dangly bits with hearts on the end are essential. Thankfully he has no intention to wear it outside the house, it will be his "gaming" hat . Oh well I guess it'll be a unique 19th birthday present.

tribpot Mon 31-Dec-12 15:31:07

It looks like garter stitch.

I don't really get what features of it are particular to Pokemon - what not have a look on Ravelry for any one of a zillion slouchy hats and then whack on that yellow cross (which definitely is in garter stitch sewn on).

Justjibberish Mon 31-Dec-12 09:07:48

Can any clever people out there help and tell me if this is in moss stitch, also, whilst I'm picking brains, do you think there's any shaping or is it just a tube pulled tight at the top, I don't wanted it fitted, I want quite a slouchy look and was also thinking of using DK.
For those who are thinking, "what a cute hat for a toddler" - it's for my 18yr old DS! I'm quite a competent knitter if I have a pattern but designing my own pattern is a new one so all help gratefully received and a very Happy New Year to everyone.

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