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Interlined roman blinds

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Itsafineline Mon 31-Dec-12 10:56:38

Make a mitred corner on the main fabric hem. You could machine the lining hem, or turn it under and slip stitch it to the turned hem. Good luck.

noni1711 Sun 30-Dec-12 23:38:29

Hi Itsafineline, many thanks for replying. I think I get it! Will sketch out tomorrow and may come back to you with any further questions. Not sure about hems but assume you do those as normal, been a few months since I did the first blind!

Itsafineline Sun 30-Dec-12 22:56:20

Hi. Interlined romans are sewn almost completely by hand. The interlining is cut to the size of the finished blind, and you need to create hems/seam allowances round it. As you have already made a blind, you know how to calculate the pleat sizes. So:
cut interlining to size of finished blind.
cut fabric to finished size + 5cm seam allowance each side + hems, say 10cm
cut linings to finished size + 3cm each side
you need to sit your interlining on your main fabric and turn over the 5cm seam allowance + press. hand stitch it to the interlining
if you turn in 5cm each side on your linings, you will see a small amount of face fabric when you stitch your linings on
Prepare your linings, with the seam allowance and the pockets for your rods
place it on the interlined piece
pin + tack at the rod points
handstitch the lining to the main fabric
machine the lining to the main fabric at the rod seams
is this making sense?

noni1711 Sun 30-Dec-12 20:46:44

Our hoose is cauld and drafty! I want to make interlined roman blinds but can't seem to find any comprehensive advice that a) makes sense to me confused and b) provides guidance on measuring for hems.

I'm just a beginner but have made one lined set and various small sewing projects.

Any links or advice please??

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