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If only they knew it was made from loo roll tubes...

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Allalonenow Mon 24-Dec-12 10:01:59

Kelle, that is lovely, what was it you used to make the berries?

KelleStarOfWonder Mon 24-Dec-12 09:57:19

Kitchen Roll is acceptable in lieu. MiL made one out of kitchen roll tubes and you don't need as many loo roll tubes then. I think she got ten leaves which makes two bunches of leaves, wheras the loo roll tubes were five leaves and one bunch of leaves.

tiggy114 Mon 24-Dec-12 09:53:03

I so wish I'd seen this a few weeks ago. Looks wonderful. Whoever was doing it for a class though, be careful. I thought you weren't allowed toilet rolls for craft at school now as their unhygenic!( apparently???)

EcoLady Fri 21-Dec-12 20:11:22

Awesome! Am bookmarking for next year at school ... wonder how many tubes I'd need for a whole class?

yuleheart Thu 20-Dec-12 11:05:51

.....and its been repinned from my board A LOT !!!

TheWombat Tue 18-Dec-12 09:14:06

That is lovely. Not sure if my crafting skills are up to it though!

ChestnutsRoastingonaWitchesTit Tue 18-Dec-12 09:11:17


yuleheart Tue 18-Dec-12 09:10:07

wow ! (now repinned on my christmas board) smile

KelleStarOfWonder Sun 16-Dec-12 18:49:04

Well, that's the pinterest inspiration... forgot to say that blush but ours looks remarkably similar... I think the blog is swedish, I just looked at the pictures and took it as inspiration.

DD loved making a mess with the paint and rolling the berries. though she got almost as much paint on the loo rolls as she did on her hair and face. I expected it to look rather naff and was going to give it to MiL... but it's turned out rather nice.

I remember my mother's face when I brought things home from playgroup/school that had been made with loo rolls and was expecting to make a similar face.

IvanaNapAfterChristmasDinner Sun 16-Dec-12 17:53:06

That's gorgeous smile one for a future Christmas methinks when the DC wont smear paint in hair / on carpet

DowagersHump Sun 16-Dec-12 17:50:15

That's brilliant! Clever you smile

(is your blog in Turkish?)

BertieBotts Sun 16-Dec-12 17:49:23

Wow! I was expecting it to look really bad blush but it looks lovely! Easy to make too smile

OddBoots Sun 16-Dec-12 17:47:26

I'm not crafty but that's brilliant. smile

KelleStarOfWonder Sun 16-Dec-12 17:41:26

me and DD [2] made this wreath loo roll wreath that now hangs in our front window. Our neighbours stop and ask me about it, we had family over for a party this afternoon and we had lots of nice comments... if only they knew it was made from loo roll tubes smile.

DD painted the tubes inside and out, I cut the tubes up and hot glued them together. She made the air dry fimo red beads and I put the dimple in and glued them on for her. She sprinkled on the glitter.

We feel very chuffed with our home made delight from loo roll tubes!

Anyone else have any lovely homemade crafts from something that others would normally turn their noses up at?

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