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Complete novice, need suggestions please!

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GrumpySod Wed 02-Jan-13 14:45:37

Keep asking around in sewing shops. Group activities is definitely the best way to get into it.

HalleLouja Wed 02-Jan-13 14:24:54

Don't think it's a franchise but if you have a look around there maybe something similar nearby. I am going on a girls dressmaking course in my nearest town.

PoppyAmex Thu 27-Dec-12 15:00:38

Halle, I'm in Scotland and I think that's exactly what I need. Wonder if it's a franchise type thing?

HalleLouja Sun 16-Dec-12 11:05:50

Where do you live in the country? In London there is a place called The Make Lounge you can go on courses. I am going on one more local to me to learn how to make little girl's dresses but you can go on ones to make a cushion cover and familiarise yourself with a sewing machine. That was enough to get me going.

mungojenny Sun 16-Dec-12 10:57:05

I am not known for 'craftiness' so I almost shocked that I managed to make this - I did do a trial version using an old pillowcase! I haven't managed to get the photo the right way up on my profile......!!

PoppyAmex Sat 15-Dec-12 20:13:11

Thanks. I'm still pondering how I'm going to learn to use the sewing machine, so probably stand no chance of actually completing a project until mum comes to visit.

Mungo, your tea cosy is lovely and the proud subtitle really made me smile (I made this) grin

mungojenny Sat 15-Dec-12 14:20:09

I am also a beginner who has been lured into sewing via mumsnet arts and craft which also introduced me to pinterest where I have spent a lot of time. I bought a sewing machine earlier this year and made a tea cosy last week using a tutorial from pinterest. A picture of it is on my profile page.
It was very straightforward and involved a bit of quilting and is nice and small.

craftynclothy Fri 14-Dec-12 11:48:07

There's loads of quilting projects if you google. Modabakeshop has a variety of options for precut fabrics. Things like placemats, coasters, table runners are all fairly simple.

For quilting fabrics, often sellers on ebay will offer remnant/bolt ends quite cheap.

DoesntTurkeyNSproutSoupDragOn Fri 14-Dec-12 10:14:13

For practice fabrics you really can't beat charity shop bedding, curtains, some clothes etc.

PoppyAmex Fri 14-Dec-12 09:03:37

I'm incredibly excited because I finally bought a sewing machine (yay)!

I have visions of patchwork quilts and little bibs for DD but the reality is I have never used one before so will have to take baby steps until mum comes to visit and can give me proper lessons.

In the meantime, do you have any suggestions for easy/beginner projects I can do by myself please?

Also, where's the best place to get fabric?


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