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So I had a really silly idea to learn how to crochet...

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AnyaKnowIt Mon 26-Nov-12 18:25:16

Now I've been sitting here for an hour and I still can't do the first knot


belindarose Mon 26-Nov-12 18:32:29

Have you tried craftyminx crochet school? Can't link from phone, but do a search. What are you learning from? I had the same idea a few weeks ago and am doing fine when I can get the time without baby, toddler or dog attached to me...

Littlefish Mon 26-Nov-12 18:34:00

I've been knitting since I was 8 years old, but only finally managed to learn to crochet a few weeks ago (I'm 44). I'm still not doing it properly as an have to have the wool in my right hand, the same as when I'm knitting. Have you tried looking at films of it on YouTube?

Littlefish Mon 26-Nov-12 18:34:27

I, not an.

AnyaKnowIt Mon 26-Nov-12 18:41:59

Have looked at videos but I'm left handed but do it the right handed way backwards iyswim?

belindarose Mon 26-Nov-12 18:43:52

Craftyminx shows a left and a right handed video.

gwenniebee Mon 26-Nov-12 18:46:58

I taught myself from the book "Kids Learn To Crochet". Aimed at about 8yr olds - it was perfect for me!! I am leftie too so had to reverse everything but I managed.

AnathemaDevice Mon 26-Nov-12 18:48:36

If it makes you feel any better, when I first started it took me 4 hours to make a chain.

My first project (a cardigan for DD) ended up on a Teddy as my tension was so tight it was half the size it should have been. I didn't give up though, and now I'm not doing too badly. I've made a hat and poncho for DD for Christmas, and I'm going to make DS an Angry Birds hat. I'm also a third of the way through a blanket for the little hugs appeal.

Have you got anywhere that runs classes near you? I've been going to classes at my local wool shop, and found it really helps to have someone look over what you've done, and point out where you've gone wrong.

Don't give up! It will all click into place, sooner or later.

AnyaKnowIt Mon 26-Nov-12 19:02:02

Have done the knot (woohoo) but it keeps moving sad

AnyaKnowIt Mon 26-Nov-12 19:44:57

I've done a chain, but I think I've done it too tight sad

FlamingoBingo Tue 27-Nov-12 15:41:38

Don't worry about the chain being too tight. Just keep going and you'll get better and neater and more consistent.

craftynclothy Tue 27-Nov-12 15:50:42

The knot should move (it's a slip knot).

For the chain, you can use a bigger size hook for the chain. It makes it easier to work into.

PurplePidjChickIsNotTheMessiah Tue 27-Nov-12 16:22:47

Keep making chain for practice - you can always tie it to a hanky and make a teddy parachute grin

You can do this! The Art Of Crochet By Theresa has YouTube and written instructions for both right and left handers, and there's an ultra slow version too

ditavonteesed Tue 27-Nov-12 16:26:08

I had this self same revelation on fri, went to shop sat morning and bought hook and wool, went to another shop sun and bought more wool, have now done a ton of these granny squares and one of these birds keep at it, it will come, I am struggling to get the tension right but a lot of practice has definatly paid dividends.

ditavonteesed Tue 27-Nov-12 16:40:35

and I am desperate for the day that I can crochet and do something else as well, totally addicated already.

Seabright Tue 27-Nov-12 17:38:43

I found the Planet Purl videos on YouTube really goo. But, they use the US terms not the UK terms, so bear in mind when they say Single Crochet we'd say Double Crochet and when they say Double Crochet we'd say Treble Crochet.

Actually, American's say Crow-shaaaay. Which always makes me laugh.

MissWooWoo Tue 27-Nov-12 19:00:30

can I ask a question? I'm just starting out and have been practising rows of single crochet but have ended up with a pyramid rather than a square!! What am I doing wrong? I did 11 chain stitches then turned and did single crochet to the end of the row, then "chained up" 1 stitch and then went back along the row doing single crochet x repeat. Help!!!

Also if I want to practise double and treble crochet how many chain stiches should I do for my first row?


Seabright Tue 27-Nov-12 19:04:48

Sounds like you missed off your turning chain stitch.

Are you using UK or US terms? I'm assuming US, as there is no single crochet in UK terms.

Double crochet (single crochet- US) - 1 chain
Half-treble crochet (half-double crochet - US) - 2 chains
Treble crochet - 3 chains.

AnyaKnowIt Tue 27-Nov-12 19:24:58

Ooh more replies grin

I'm following the crafymix videos so i'm doing it the UK way. I was up til 10pm last night doing chains blush

I do think that the yarn is too small, same with my hook I'm using a 3.5. I can now go back over but again its too tight to carry on.

PurplePidjChickIsNotTheMessiah Tue 27-Nov-12 20:38:42

MissWooWoo, make sure you're going into the first and last sts of the row - they're often a bit hidden so you need to count!

Anya, take a look at how you hold your wool. No matter the dominance, you should have a Wool hand and a Hook hand. Wool hand has wool looped round so Hook hand can pick it up, and spare fingers support your work. Hook hand is the one that moves.

In dk on a 4mm hook, i get 4 sts to 1". 24 sts to the row would give you 6", then keep going till it's 6" long. You have made the first square of a blanket grin

AnyaKnowIt Tue 27-Nov-12 20:52:36

I have the wool in my left hand and hook in my right.

I'm still doing it too tight as, as I go back on my self I can't get the hook into it.

In dk on a 4mm hook, i get 4 sts to 1". 24 sts to the row would give you 6", then keep going till it's 6" long. You have made the first square of a blanket That means nothing to me blush

PurplePidjChickIsNotTheMessiah Tue 27-Nov-12 21:03:12

Sorry blush feeding means lots of abbreviations!

Using Double Knit (dk) weight wool on a 4 mm hook, 4 stitches (sts) measure 1" in my fairly average tension.

A row of crochet 24 stitches across will measure 6". Work as many rows as you need until your work is 6" long then fasten off by cutting the wool, drawing the tail through the last stitch and pulling tight.

You have made your first blanket square. Make 24 squares for a toddler size blanket, or 6 for dolly wink

AnyaKnowIt Tue 27-Nov-12 21:18:56

Hahahaha at the thought of making a blanket! grin

I've now managed 2 rows but had to stop as its too tight

AnyaKnowIt Tue 27-Nov-12 21:34:55

I've just made a lovely worm grin

PurplePidjChickIsNotTheMessiah Tue 27-Nov-12 22:00:52


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