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Chain-stitching a name on a cushion

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forgottoremember Sun 25-Nov-12 21:02:36

I haven't got a crafty bone in my body - or at least I thought I didn't, but I've just made a v nice cushion for a birthday present.

Now I think I want to embroider a name onto it.

Is this ridiculously difficult (i.e. will I wreck my nice cushion)?

Is chain stitch the right stitch?

Is there a good youtube or similar tutorial about how to write in embroidery? Need some hand holding...

Thank you!

LatteLady Sun 25-Nov-12 22:59:57

I wrote a tutorial about basic embroidery at the beginning of the year... chain stitch is about half way down, and yes it is very easy and fine for writing a name. Practice on a scrap fabric to ensure you make the same size stitches. Even if you use large stitches, as long as they are a consistent size it will look great. Use an air soluble pen to write the name and it will disappear in a few hours, leaving just your embroidery... go on give it a go! smile

forgottoremember Mon 26-Nov-12 12:00:36

An air soluble pen??!! never heard of it - sounds great - where do I get one?? will have a go with the writing though you're right, I do need to practise first.

will look at your tutorial to remind myself how on earth I do chain stitch (last time probably for a primary school sampler or something...)


forgottoremember Mon 26-Nov-12 14:21:32

just bought pen on amazon - amazing what just typing in the right words does!

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