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What to Knit/Crochet when you are expecting

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kellestar Thu 22-Nov-12 16:25:12

Hello, hope it's okay to start a thread here. We've been talking about knitting and crochet on our antenatal thread and we've probably scared some of the non-crafty types.

I've pinched the thread title from a book I recently purchased... but it's not limited to that book only as I also have tons of patterns bookmarked on Ravelry as well.

I already have a DD [2] that I knit for, she's slim so still knitting 1 year old patterns for her at the moment. I am due in April and we aren't going to find out if it's a boy or girl, so I'm knitting in lots of bright colours.

So, any ideas on some lovely patterns to share with us? links would be helpful and maybe a note if it's free/paid. Here are some of my go to patterns when someone say's I'm having a baby.

This Puerperium Cardigan is one of my favourite patterns to knit for little ones. The newborn size is free, but loved it so much I bought the pattern that covers larger sizes. DD loves her's still, though it's now a 3/4 sleeve.

And from the same designer newborn vertebrae which is also lovely to knit up. It's free in newborn size too.

[[ aviatrix hat] a free hat pattern that's quite cute and a quick knit, the pattern was easy to follow, though may not be suited to really new knitters, it has short row shaping and picking up stitches, which really isn't that hard. Looks very cute on a baby though. smile

what to knit when you are expecting picked this book up last week in the Works for £3.99, it's a fab little book with some lovely patterns to build new skills. I bought it in store, but you can buy online.

Debbie Bliss Baby Knits for Beginners picked this up years ago when friends were having babies. The hat pattern in here looks lovely in any yarn [inc stylecraft dk] and I've knitted dozens of them. I also found the socks very very easy as an introduction, they look lovely knitted in sirdar baby crofter and as they are on two needles they are easier to get your head around, you just sew up the underside.

I also love the crochet blanket patterns from attic 24 they are bright and fresh, I crochet them up in smaller sizes for buggies/cribs. DD has quite a few that I've made her now and she loves stroking them.

Looking forward to getting some fresh ideas.

KelleStarOfWonder Mon 10-Dec-12 18:47:12

I am back to working on the attic24 hexagons blanket though wish I'd made my hex's sit in more random positions, but I am too systematic to allow for randomness smile

KelleStar Tue 29-Jan-13 19:53:34

Now knitting another puerperium cardigan in some of the new super soft peter pan DK in a self patterning green and blue colourway. It's so soft and snuggly I keep wanting to rub my face against it smile

Callmecordelia Sat 02-Feb-13 09:17:20

All tikki patterns (search on Rav.....)! I'm currently making Elizabeth, but have made a couple of Olearias, a Ziggy and an Annie. Haven't made a Milo yet though. I wish I could do links, but I'm on my phone. I do think pdf patterns in multiple sizes are good value, and they are spaced well and have the time to explain things properly rather than trying to squash it onto a couple of sides of A4. I bet your puerperium will be lovely KelleStar - sounds like a gorgeous colour.

KelleStar Sat 02-Feb-13 18:06:28

I'll look at those later, I am on my phone too. I've bought quite a few PDF patterns now, cheaper than A knitting magazine. grin

SelfconfessedSpoonyFucker Sat 02-Feb-13 18:18:37

My knitting go to for babies is a pair of Saartje's booties with some sort of strap but often not the one on the pattern. I knitted a pair of red sparkly mary-janes for my niece when she is born because I told my sister "every girl should have a pair of ruby slippers once in her life".

KelleStar Sat 02-Feb-13 19:03:16

camilla I hope this is the correct link tikki knits

spoony I've got those in my queue.

This is the Puerperium so far here I am in love with the wool, it's rather lovely. 6 rows and I've done the body and then the sleeves to go.

Callmecordelia Sun 03-Feb-13 08:54:43

That's the right link Kellestar.

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