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I need some green beaded trim to match an evening bag; any suggestions where from?

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KatyMac Sun 18-Nov-12 10:06:25

I have had a good look on ebay & found this which is OK & this which I think is a bit big

It's to re-trim a black evening dress to make it match a bag not dis-similar to this

Thanks for any suggestions

KatyMac Sun 18-Nov-12 18:02:45


TheWoollybacksWife Sun 18-Nov-12 20:26:17

I love Josy Rose for all my haberdashery things. Would something like this do?

Or perhaps this?

Or finally this?

JoyceDivision Sun 18-Nov-12 20:29:04

Where do you live? Are there any local fabric places near you?

KatyMac Sun 18-Nov-12 21:41:23

Thanks Thewooleybackswife - I like the third one & I love the site

Joycedivision not much really & it's all a long way away

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