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help me to remember the name of the website !!!

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bettykelly123 Wed 14-Nov-12 20:14:17

some time ago a very kind person on here told me about a kniting website where you can get free patterns and also pay for some. i told a friend i would send her the link but i cant for the life of me remember it and a search on google wont spit it out!!!!
my friend is looking for a knitting pattern for some cushions.
can anyone tell me what the site might be or recommend another site that good.
many thanks x

TheGirlOnTheLanding Wed 14-Nov-12 20:16:29


tribpot Wed 14-Nov-12 20:19:29

There can be only one - GirlOnTheLanding must be right with Ravelry. 'Some' is a bit of an understatement, the website has thousands upon thousands of patterns (free and paid for).

You can also look at and Vogue Knitting but I would definitely start with Ravelry - to quote from Spaced "you'll never leave" grin

bettykelly123 Wed 14-Nov-12 20:25:17

ravelry thats it !!!!!!!!!!!! thank you so much ,

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