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Knitting Pattern help - please translate into English!

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PointyDogs Mon 12-Nov-12 20:46:00

I'm hoping someone can help me with this - I'm new to knitting, and am attempting to knit a raglan cardigan for my baby. All going well so far, but I've hit part of the pattern, shaping the armhole of the left front side, that I simply cannot understand - copied below as printed in the magazine:

Working all raglan
armhole decreases as set
by back raglan armholes
dec 1 st at raglan
armhole edge of next
row and 1(2,2,3,3) foll
4th rows, then on foll 6
(5,6,5,6) alt rows,
ending with WS facing
for next row.

I know foll is following, WS is wrong side, and I know how to decrease, but am at a loss as to what I am supposed to do at this stage confused Help please!!

mablemurple Mon 12-Nov-12 21:10:22

OK, first of all you have to make sure you are only decreasing on the armhole edge of the cardigan, not the button/buttonhole side.

For the next set of instructions, you might find it helpful to circle the number on the pattern either outside or inside the brackets, depending on which size you are knitting. I'm going to assume you are knitting the 4th size, which will mean you have to follow the instructions for the 4th number along i.e. the third number inside the brackets.

So, the next row you knit, decrease one stitch either at the beginning or the end of the row, depending on where the armhole is. Then you have to do the following instructions 3 times:
knit 3 rows without decreasing, then on the 4th row, decrease one stitch on the armhole side.
Next, do the following instruction 5 times:
knit one row without decreasing, then next row decrease one stitch on the armhole side.
After the last decrease, hopefully you should have the wrong side facing you, ready for the next row.

Hope this helps. If it's any consolation, I think the instruction 1(2,2,3,3) foll 4th rows is badly expressed and I had to read it several times before I understood it.

PointyDogs Mon 12-Nov-12 22:14:40

wonderful, thank you mablemurple, why do they have to make it so complicated sounding? I'll have another go at it tomorrow with your much clearer instructions!

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