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Does anyone renovate doll houses?

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insertsomethingwitty Sun 04-Nov-12 16:41:08

I have always been fascinated by miniature and when my daughter saw people were selling decorated Sylvanian houses on eBay I promised her I would do up one of her really old (mine) ones for her.

It is nearly finished now and looks pretty good and I really enjoyed doing it. I have re-done the roof that was all scuffed, put up 'wallpaper', put down flooring as the original floor was all scuffed and worn and made some tiny curtains so far. I think I would like to try and get hold of some more that needed a bit of attention and maybe try and sell them on.

Is there anyone out there who does this, or does it just as a hobby? I would love to hear from anyone that does.

goodiegoodieyumyum Sun 04-Nov-12 16:43:59

I am planning on doing with the dolls house my daughter inherited from her great grandmother, just waiting until she is a bit older.Did you enjoy doing it?

insertsomethingwitty Sun 04-Nov-12 16:50:07

Yes I loved it, it isn't a big house but I thought I would start off with something small, and something that wasn't a huge deal if I ruined.

The wallpaper especially was very fiddly as I wanted it to fit perfectly so took a while to make templates first.

But I think it looks great, much improved from how it was before.

jennimoo Sun 04-Nov-12 20:59:52

I'm hoping to do up my childhood dollshouse for DD for Christmas. Any tips on where is good to buy the paper from? I really need to recover the outside and would love to keep it red brick as it is now.

insertsomethingwitty Sun 04-Nov-12 21:53:25

For our wallpaer I just used Cath Kidston wrapping paper. You can get proper dolls house wallpaper though.

Showtime Sun 04-Nov-12 23:20:03

jennifersprintables have huge amount of downloadable, free papers for interior/exterior dolls-house renovation, arranged by period and drawn to scale, wonderful.

rockinhippy Mon 05-Nov-12 10:08:04

I can't answer your question OP as doing up DDs hpuse has just been a hobby project, but for those of you still intending to do up a dolls house & asking about paper etc THIS
is a great site for free printable period wallpapers, flooring tiles & more & look at some of the links, great little tutorials for making all kinds of things from furniture to pies smile

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