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Ribbons - never buy by the meter again, go here...

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SewCrafty Fri 12-Oct-12 14:14:18

You local floristry wholesaler. Mine is part of the Country Baskets empire. But there are other floristry wholesalers around the country too.

Whole reels of ribbons for a couple of quid each, plus VAT. Oodles of colours and sizes. They're good for tissue paper, giftwrap, etc. Most are free to join with no minimum spend, easy parking.

Just thought I'd pass on my tip of the day!

ParsleyTheLioness Fri 12-Oct-12 18:38:49

Proper ribbon, not just plasticy florists ribbon?

babesdontlie Fri 12-Oct-12 20:14:38

oh my, there's one near near me, might have to go and look (although I'm sure last time we went past they had a sign outside saying trade only)

babesdontlie Fri 12-Oct-12 20:26:55

righty ho! just applied for a membership card,

thanks for that SewCrafty

nickeldaisical Sat 13-Oct-12 12:28:24

I usually buy reels of ribbon from ebay shops.

but good link, thank you smile

(if they are proper fabric ribbons, they're perfect for making waistbands on skirts...)

SewCrafty Sat 13-Oct-12 12:42:56

yes, proper satin, grosgrain, sheer ones, wired ones, different thicknesses, colours, etc. Worth a look. It's ribbon heaven to me!

ParsleyTheLioness Sat 13-Oct-12 17:12:16

Thanks sew I use quite a bit of ribbon too.

fosterdream Sat 13-Oct-12 21:39:34

Must remember this for my next trip to IKEA (Leeds) Think I'll need to do a list of shops I like to visit when I'm on a shopping trip. oh I just noted there is one in Manchester too. May ask DH to do the list for me wink

babesdontlie Tue 16-Oct-12 13:17:30

oooh, got my membership card this morning, can't wait to go and see what its all about!

Iheartpasties Tue 16-Oct-12 13:24:16

good tip

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