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Lost cross-stitch pattern - help!

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carries Thu 04-Oct-12 21:41:55

I've about 1/6 of a cross stitch pattern (*humphrey's corner, beach babies*) to do. I was working on it last night, put whole kit back in my sewing bag, but this evening part of the pattern is missing! sad . I've looked everywhere but no sign. Anyway, does anyone have this pattern they could scan and email me or photocopy & post? Please smile

nipersvest Mon 08-Oct-12 12:31:20

just spotted this, have to admit, i used to work for coats crafts uk and this is one of my designs! unfortunately, i don't have a copy of it anymore. have done some investigating, and it did appear in a magazine by the looks of it, as i found this on ebay if it's any help.

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