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crochet beginners kit

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biff23 Wed 03-Oct-12 18:02:02

I'd really love to learn to crochet. Can anyone recommend a kit/book for complete beginners. I've had a look on amazon but being a novice it's all a bit confusing.


Crochet Unravelled. I think you can get a kit but TBH just the booklet, a 4mm hook and a ball of DK acrylic or wool to practice with is all you need to get started.

Plus Youtube now and then when you get stuck - watch out for them using American terms though - same stitches but different names in USA compared to UK. I am still rubbish but I finally understood how to make the stitches with that book - it''s only a thick booklet, about £6. But it is proper step-by-step.

ByTheWay1 Wed 03-Oct-12 19:49:41

Try the art of crochet magazine - you can still get from issue 1 if you subscribe - I am loving it so far - I am a beginner - issue 1 comes with a hook, balls of wool (one for practise and one for a square that you build into a blanket) and most importantly a DVD as well as the magazine with a stitch guide etc.

Really good for learning.

biff23 Fri 05-Oct-12 17:51:19

Thank you ladies. I bought the basics and went to you tube today. Also got a book from library but found it difficult to follow. Think I'll get crochet unravelled and I'll have a look at the subscription.

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