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Would anyone like to knit me a jumper?

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JuliaFlyte Sun 30-Sep-12 12:16:30

I used to be an avid knitter, always had a project on the go. I made myself a really gorgeous jumper years ago, all over cable pattern, basketweave style. I've worn it to death and would love another, but I know that if I started it now, I'd still be at it this time next year. I have the pattern, as I remember it's DK and I was thinking of using something like DB cashmerino.

So I'm wondering if any of you knitting addicts would fancy knitting one for me? I'm not sure what the going rate is, but I'll happily pay it smile

I would, but it would take me until next year too, I am already regretting a cable jumper I have in progress atm for DH grin

You could try your LYS, they may know someone local? Bear in mind, it will take quite a lot of knitting hours, plus the cost of the wool - that will add up if you are paying market rates. You may be better to cajole a friend who would do it for the pleasure plus a couple of balls of nice wool to say thankyou.

I have only knitted a request for someone once - a very quick easy knit in bulky yarn (2 childrens hats) but the pressure was terrible!

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