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Any sewing/textile project book or website recommendations please?

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NorbertDentressangle Sat 29-Sep-12 16:08:45

DD has a sewing machine and loves making things. Not just straight forward sewing but all sorts of textile type projects.

She has Made By Me and has enjoyed making a few bits from there and made some bunting but can anyone recommend any other books or websites please.

(DD is nearly 13).


MisForMumNotMaid Sat 29-Sep-12 16:11:48

one yard wonders it is complete with patterns if this is the one I'm thinking of. I brought it for my sis who really loved it.

fossil97 Sat 29-Sep-12 16:14:44

No affiliation, but how about she has a look at lucykate's blog and on the righthand side, her books.

Amy Butler website has lots of free projects, also (although some are a bit matronly) the Goodhousekeeping/Prima website

NorbertDentressangle Sat 29-Sep-12 16:46:17

Thanks for those ideas.

I particularly like the look of the One Yard Wonders book which I might get for her birthday. If DD has a book of ideas she's more likely to flick through and make something that takes her fancy as she's got the instructions and images in front of her.

In the meantime I might look at some of the websites and narrow down a few possible projects for her and print them off.

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