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Sideways Scarf

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Catsmamma Sat 29-Sep-12 11:01:26

Does this even make sense??

I want to adapt this reversible cable pattern so that instead of knitting it from top to bottom as usual, with a single long cable right up the middle, it has cable stripes across the way.

I have knitted it already, as per the pattern, using 10 mm needles and two strands of cheapo acrylic yarn, it's beautifully chunky and nine feet long not including tassels.

Soooooooo it was 31 repeats in total (310 rows) to get the length
From cast on to cast off, to get one cable cross over would be 20 rows which would give me the width I am looking for, I think....or do you think it might look better with two cross overs which would mean doing the cable forward row earlier, say row 5 and then again at row 15.

If I cast on about 400 stitches will that give me the right(ish) length of scarf?
I could do less but I like a double loop around the neck for cosiness grin

It all makes sense to me right now, but I am sure there must be some fatal flaw I have missed.

Whaddya reckon??

FaintingGoat Sat 29-Sep-12 22:56:45

No, I can't see a fatal flaw, I think you're pretty much spot on smile

Are you planning on using the same yarn as you used before? If so, count how many stitches per inch it works out, and use that figure to check how long your scarf will be if you cast on 400. It sounds about right, if using 3.25mm needles. DK normally knits up about 7 stitches per inch, which would make your scarf 57 inches long, but if you have more stitches per inch, it will obviously be less.

I think it would look better with two cable crosses.

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