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Ice Skating Boots

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UCM Mon 20-Mar-06 19:42:17

I need a template or a sizzix die cut of a pair of ice skating boots quite urgently......can anyone help.

Whizzz Mon 20-Mar-06 20:09:36

buttons any good ??

PeachyClair Mon 20-Mar-06 20:24:40

whizzz- have bookmarked that site for the christmas light bulbs, would look fab on the carnival thank you's!

Whizzz Mon 20-Mar-06 20:44:26

I'm not really into buttons (yet ) but there are some fabby ones !

Whizzz Mon 20-Mar-06 20:46:01

UCM - try Googling for a basic image, print & then try using that as a template. Cartoon images are quite good - I've done that before for basic bits & bobs
I couldn't find anything else - sorry

UCM Mon 20-Mar-06 20:49:05

Thanks for trying, I could't find anything. Never mind will spend a few hours looking later.

kiwibella Mon 20-Mar-06 20:53:26

fab link Whizz... tx

UCM Wed 19-Apr-06 19:25:16

Anyone remember this.... well this is what I ended up doing here

Whizzz Wed 17-May-06 19:15:33

just seen this & thought of you

UCM Wed 17-May-06 21:15:41

not as nice as mine of course - agree or I'll knock yer sandcastle down

Whizzz Wed 17-May-06 21:18:48

No of course your card is ace

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