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Refuge Knitting thread (mainly blanket-based)

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tribpot Tue 18-Sep-12 20:56:14

Right, this is a continuation of the main Refuge blanket thread.

We have at least one blanket project, but also droitwich fancies a go at a bear.

The currently proposed blanket project is my 'Bossy Boots Blanket', i.e. I want the organisation finished as soon as poss because I don't have a lot of time for new projects this autumn. However, there can certainly be a less bossy project as well, in different yarn and colours as people desire.

So far, definitely signed up for the Bossy Boots Blanket are:
- me
- NeitherShreddedNorSmug
- HairyPotter
- stressedHEMum

and I think BarbaraWoodlouse.

Now, we're planning to do double-sized squares just because we can, which means we only need 6 for the smaller sized blanket. However, if more people want to do a BossyBoots Blanket they can do (but they need to say so soon, otherwise they are in the Less Bossy Blanket Project).

Bossy Boots Blanket will be in Paton's Smoothie DK in Lime (1010) and Cream (1019). Note Smoothie is a 100g ball so you won't need much - indeed you could get away with one ball I would think.

Each square will have 5 rows of garter stitch top and bottom, and 5 (ish) stitches in garter for the edges. The squares will be planned together so the blanket has an overall look (this is what I mean about the level of bossiness) and once I have confirmation on the numbers we can decide what we want to do. The preference is for simple, which is good, so garter stitch, perhaps the Team Heart, but nothing more complicated than that. I intend to sew this one up myself. I'm also happy to put in a general order for the yarn and then distribute it as each knitter isn't going to need that much.

Other knitters who have expressed a preference (some of whom I have PMed but not heard back from yet).

DutchOma has offered to sew up another blanket.
tinierclanger [I've PMed you twice, clanger, but not heard anything back]
droitwichmummy - doing a teddy

Please do not feel you have to join in with the BossyBoots Blanket. There will be enough knitters for a Less Bossy Blanket, and I'm happy to do a couple of 15cm squares for that myself. However, if you do want to do the BossyBoots Blanket please now say so, so that we can plan and anyone who wants to can get cracking, whilst noting that Shredded is waiting on her yarn arriving (and I have about 75 other projects on at the same time confused).

Hope this helps - there's no need to keep copying and pasting the list of who is on Team Knit on this thread.

Morning! I was thinking after I posted that maybe I was being a bit ambitious, especially with all the other things I have on over the next few weeks. So, I am going to go with trib's suggestion of lettuce leaf, since the pattern is 60 stitches, and I was planning on casting on 70, so as if by magic the pattern will fit inside a 5 stitch either side border grin. I have both colours so will start with green (since that seems to be the shortage).

Deramores were much faster this time - last time I ordered from them the wool didn't arrive before my holiday, so I ended up side-tracked into another holiday project which I've only just finished.

I knocked up the little heart square from the refuge on-line pattern book last night - it's a bit wonky, but looks quite nice. DS's have insisted they don't want any hearts in their blankets, but I'm going to sneak some in grin.

tribpot Sat 22-Sep-12 13:08:47

Oh that's nice, Shredded - the one with two hearts on that's knit on the diagonal? I've got one I did ages ago somewhere, will see if it's reversible! Under the circs I'm more than happy to make the pattern available to Refugees on this thread!

As an aside, ds is waiting on this severely awesome blanket - pattern due next month, squeeeeee. He's currently insisting on using this similarly awesome blanket my Mum knitted for him when he was a baby.

Yes, that's the one trib, and I think it is reversible. It may be that its too early in the morning and I haven't finished my coffee yet, but I can't immediately see how you'd scale it up. Obviously you'd keep adding to the increases, but where would you add extra hearts?

Anyway, 70 green stitches are on my needles and i've done a row of garter stitch <proud>. Also a delaying tactic, since I ought to be out running grin.

I like the dino blanket. And your Mum's one is truly awesome!

tribpot Sat 22-Sep-12 13:48:05

Yes, here is one I prepared earlier - I've actually got two so I ought to do a few more and make that a mini-hug (it's in Patons 100% cotton DK).

I don't know if I'd scale it up to fit more hearts on (although that would be possible, I've done a couple of examples in the linked document) or just scale the whole thing so the hearts were bigger. Obv there's no need for a garter border when it's already bordered in garter!

I really like the smoothie, it's knitting up beautifully! And the 5 stitch border is working with the lettuce leaf pattern you posted earlier trib. I'll pop some pictures up later when I've got a bit further.

stressedHEmum Sat 22-Sep-12 14:50:15

I'll do the granite stitch as above. Do you want me to do lime or cream, have both colours ordered. They should arrive at the beginning of the week.

tribpot Sat 22-Sep-12 14:52:31

I think (ironically) only Shredded's got going, stressedHEmum. She's green, but you can pick.

BarbaraWoodlouse Sat 22-Sep-12 16:12:18

I'll be starting tonight. Think I'll do one big textured square to fit with the others. Any preferences whether I go for cream or lime? I have both...

HairyPotter Sat 22-Sep-12 16:39:54

Im still waiting as well. I have both colours ordered but will be safer sticking to single colour squares.

Trib can you let know what I need to do? How many stitches etc? I really am that useless grin

tribpot Sat 22-Sep-12 17:07:51

Hairy - I cannot tell you how many stitches, for that depends upon your gauge. Or as Her Zimmerness always writes it, GAUGE. (It is very important).

Actually, one of the best things for you to do if you're not sure how many stitches make 30cm for you is the heart one Shredded and I have been talking about just above. Do you fancy having a go at that? The virtue of it is, you start with like 3 stitches and increase until you're working the diagonal across the centre of the square, then decrease again. So you don't need to know your gauge, you just knit until the row measures ... <applies intrinsic maths knowledge ... discovers has none ... googles ... > 42.43 cm (rounded up) and then you know you're in the middle. I will accept measurements slightly less exact than 42.43.

If you don't fancy that, you do need to do a swatch, pref with the yarn but another dk if not, do say 20 stitches and 20 rows, and then measure that to give us an idea of how many you will need to do a 30cm square.

I'm picking colours completely arbitrarily here, so anyone who wants to swap can do:

Shredded - green [this isn't arbitrary, she's already cast on]
Barbara - cream
stressedHEmum - green
HairyPotter - cream

Howzat? As you all have both colours, I can sense two blankets coming on!

Hairy This is another pattern knitted on the diagonal - it knits up super-fast, as you start with only one stitch, and unlike other patterns you don't have to decrease once you get to the middle.

tribpot Sat 22-Sep-12 18:19:59

Oh, that's cute Shredded - and no measuring for that one either!

Yes trib, I like the way you get the holes up the middle. And the ones I've made using that pattern are less wonky than the hearts one where you increase up and decrease down.

I am sad. I did the first 18 rows of the pattern, measured and my square is 35cm wide without any stretching. So I'm going to have to frog the lot and start again.

So hairy, here's an example for you of working out GAUGE.

I cast on 70 stitches, and it's coming out 35cm wide with the pattern - so let's say 2 stitches per cm. It needs to be 30 cm wide, so I probably need about 60 stitches instead. The border is a total of 10 stitches, which leaves 50 stitches in the middle instead of the original 60 of pattern. I can't just take 10 off though, because the pattern is in repeats of 9 stitches. So I'll take one repeat out, meaning 51 pattern plus 10 border = 61. Clear as mud?

Yay! I'm back on track, done the 18 rows again and this time it's 30cm grin.

tribpot Sun 23-Sep-12 11:38:11

Good work Shredded! How are the other Refugees on this fine sunny Sunday?

I have nearly finished one of the other three projects I have on at the mo; gotta love Skyping with a mate in Australia whilst busily knitting away (fortunately we don't video Skype as he's only got mobile broadband at that end, as I imagine he'd find it rather offputting!)

I might even get to my squares this week shock

I've managed 3 repeats of the pattern so far - pictures on my profile!

droitwichmummy Sun 23-Sep-12 22:35:40

Looks fab shredded!

Thank you droitwich!

tribpot Sun 23-Sep-12 22:45:22

Ooh, I'm liking that, Shredded!

Thank you trib blush

I have a very busy work week coming up, but will see y'all at the weekend. Look forward to catching up on all your progress!

HairyPotter Tue 25-Sep-12 23:45:14

I'm still woolless sad really thought it would have appeared by now. I'm knitting away like crazy trying to get a little hug finished before I start the BossyBoots blanket.

Yours is looking fab Shredded grin

thanks Hairy

tribpot Wed 26-Sep-12 07:10:43

Hairy, is it possible your wool has taken longer to arrive than Shredded's?? Have we caused a worldwide shortage of Patons Smoothie? In fact, the entire Deramores website crashed alarmingly last night so perhaps collectively MN is hammering the craft market to the point of collapse!

I'm still woolless too, but this is by simple virtue of not actually having ordered any yet. I was waiting for this pattern to be released as I want to make it for ds. However, he has announced he wants it in bright, pillarbox red! Oh well! His jacket, his choice!

tribpot Wed 26-Sep-12 14:12:43

Holy horse! Even Deramores doesn't have the Smoothie available in Lime ...

BarbaraWoodlouse Wed 26-Sep-12 18:18:04

Trib do you want me to switch to lime and you can do cream (from Hobbycraft) then? Just let me know.

Due to car breakdown I didn't get home from work until midnight last night so I only got as far as casting on (too many) stitches in the cream. Need to start again anyway. Just let me know.

Is it bad that despite the time I just had to have a quick knit and TV session to wind down before bed? Am I addicted to yarn? shock

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