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CJ TEAM TWO, where are you??

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kiwibella Sun 12-Mar-06 21:36:45

Team 2:
Champs - Happiness
dramaqueen72 - abc's of me
peckarollover - PI*NK
kiwibella - hands ^sent mine to Champs^

freshstart Sun 12-Mar-06 21:38:10

Ive got dramaqueens here.

Ive just posted small explanation on the other thread.

kiwibella Sun 12-Mar-06 21:39:31

I have just seen! our posts are overlapping

champs Sun 12-Mar-06 23:54:00

got kiwibellas and i sent mine to dramaqueen.... reminds me, i must upload pics...

auntyquated Mon 13-Mar-06 16:56:04

champs-- got your msg about being unable to deleet full size iamges..only YG is able to do this i think BUT i can't find your pics anywhere. where have you put them?

champs Mon 13-Mar-06 17:23:21

hi AQ!! they're in cj covers

kiwibella Mon 13-Mar-06 18:22:47

FS... why don't you give yourself a couple more days? I usually don't get out my crafting b&ps during the week so I won't pay much attention to your CJ atm. If it helps, you could post it later in the week.

auntyquated Mon 13-Mar-06 19:13:10

hi champs.

I still can't see them.

champs Tue 14-Mar-06 00:06:45


kiwibella Tue 14-Mar-06 16:38:57

yours looks lovely Champs... the colours are so vibrant, they work well together.

champs Tue 14-Mar-06 17:48:10

I fell in love with the paper, have had it for ages. I may go back and see if they have any more.

kiwibella Mon 22-May-06 21:20:01

thanks so much for dropping in FS... hope you enjoy working on our CJs as some time out from what is going on in your life. I knew they would be safe and sound but didn't want you to feel pressured to complete them. Take care... lots of hugs x x

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