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I need help.......

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UCM Tue 28-Feb-06 18:19:41

I know this is cheeky but I can't really ask RL people as they don't know yet. Also, scared. But I have nearly finished building my website. It's published but I haven't sent it to anyone yet. I asked one RL friend to have a look and they said it wasn't interactive enough. I want some real answers and some real criticism so girls would you mind. I am not plugging it here as you all make you own anyway......I would like to know whether;

it's easy to use
it has the right content
whether its a bit bland or not
any features I have forgotten

I would really really appreciate your help on this.

So here goes


Radley Tue 28-Feb-06 18:22:36

I like it, there are some beautiful cards there, its simple enough to use and all details that a buyer could want are there also.

Good Luck!

Pixiefish Tue 28-Feb-06 18:23:34

Lovely UCM. Very very easy to use. Shows the cards off well (much better than mine). i love the detail and the fact that you can go to see an enlarged picture of the card.

Some of the cards on the female page were a bit slow to load- all the rest were fine.

UCM Tue 28-Feb-06 18:31:04

the thing I was most confused about, not being a techy as such. Was the bit about paying using add to basket, then, having to use the order form, I was worried that people wouldn't connect them. Thanks for the feedback anyway

UCM Tue 28-Feb-06 18:33:08

Pixie, I learnt a big lesson recently, it's photograph your cards in daylight outside.

I am using a top of the range olympus 600 quids worth, borrowed but even that didn't show the cards off as much inside. Definitely daylight.

Pixiefish Tue 28-Feb-06 18:34:27

I meant that your site was million times better than mine UCM.
(Pics are better as well but i scan them in and not a lot I can do about that)

UCM Tue 28-Feb-06 18:34:48

If anyone else has a website, I would love to see it BTW.

UCM Tue 28-Feb-06 18:35:46

Pix, why are you scanning. The printer I have at the moment is 60 pounds now, it takes every digital card there is.

Pixiefish Tue 28-Feb-06 18:36:04

I'll email you the link UCM. After seeing yours I'd be too emabararsed to show mine

Whizzz Tue 28-Feb-06 18:45:58

Looks great UCM - I haven't got mine up & running yet

It's nice & bright & I love the star background

There are a few of the set up words left over that appear where I suppose they shouldn't (I clicked on the small flowers card & it says 'Enter first column content here') but I assume thats cos you are still putting it together.

I also lurve the bouquet of roses card - really nice!

PeachyClair Tue 28-Feb-06 18:46:25

I have to scan as well, didgi camera no good for that sort of thing- a bit old now, can't afford tor eplace atm.

PeachyClair Tue 28-Feb-06 18:50:36

Great site.

Two incredibly pedantic things (sorry)- no , after children on the front page; and where it says section words, I would put words section- actually I'd call it sentiments as you use the word 'word' again.

Sorry . I did say pedantic.

UCM Tue 28-Feb-06 18:55:05

PC that is the sort of things I am after. Will change it to words/sentiments

UCM Tue 28-Feb-06 18:55:40

Wots the other one?

UCM Tue 28-Feb-06 18:57:36

Just realised my mistake thanks PC

UCM Tue 28-Feb-06 19:07:41

It's done PClair, thanks again.

UCM Tue 28-Feb-06 19:09:43

Pixie, don't be ridiculous, your site is very good. We are all here to complement each other and I honestly think that a bit of constructive criticism is good. I have just had some and changed things accordingly. Your site really is lovely

UCM Tue 28-Feb-06 19:15:23

Whizzz, yes, I know, each time I go into the bloody thing I find one. Thanks. Will double check again.

UCM Tue 28-Feb-06 19:15:54

Whizz, want a link to yours please.....?

PeachyClair Tue 28-Feb-06 19:16:56

Phew- didn't know if i'd annoy you!

Dh calls me dictionary btw (you'd never know from my typing would you) and it really irritates him. I even refused to go into a restaurant (OK pub with food) back home as they spelled vegetarian vegitarean on the sign.

JayzMummy Tue 28-Feb-06 19:20:15

One of the better websites I have seen much nicer than the first one you made. Well done you.

Whizzz Tue 28-Feb-06 19:22:07

UCM - nothing to link to yet !
The photos I originally had are not good enough.
Hopefully when I have a bit more spare time on my hands I will start again & do a proper job.

What template did you use for yours ?

UCM Tue 28-Feb-06 19:23:31

Site builder

Twiglett Tue 28-Feb-06 19:30:14

I think you need to remove the italics in the home page .. it is jarring on the eye and you get a clash with the screen so it seems to waver .. italics should be used for emphasis only

I'd suggest re-jigging your front page copy because it seems to jump around a bit and parts of it sound unprofessional:

There is nothing more special than a personalised card to delight your relatives and friends. Children particularly like to see their names on cards!

To see a selection of designs, please use the buttons on the left. If you can't find exactly the right one for you just contact me on and I will personally design one to your exact requierements.

If you're not sure what you want to say, please see my 'Words & Sentiments' section. You can choose any of the phrases there to be printed inside your card or I can print your own words.

I hope you enjoy browsing through my cards as much as I enjoy creating them.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Sarah Roberts

Please note prices quoted are inclusive of postage & packing.


UCM Tue 28-Feb-06 19:34:37

Using templates by Fasthosts. I really recommend them as they are always online, not bugger ups and being offline when their servers go down. Fabulous support as well.

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