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Anyone know if RICO POMPON wool can be used to make a hat..?

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Shhhh Mon 02-Jan-12 17:26:47

I have just bought the wool for my mum to make me a scarf out of rico pompon wool.. BUT I wanted a matching hat but can't find a pattern anywhere... !

1. Is it possible to make a hat with this wool
2. Any idea where I can get a pattern

The local shop where I bought the wool was as much use as a chocolate fire guard hmm.


COCKadoodledooo Mon 02-Jan-12 17:43:28

I've seen a hat made of Sirdar Snowball wool which I think is similar? It was adapted from the baby snowball pattern

Shhhh Mon 02-Jan-12 18:22:09

thanks .... its all confussing to me.. not sure how to adapt it and think my mum is a little confussed confused.. first hat though looks perfect..


Also bumping for anoyone who has any other patterns.

BigBoobiedBertha Tue 03-Jan-12 18:27:22

I had a look on Ravelry but nothing there either.

Presumably you would need to decrease for a hat and I am not sure how you would do that with Rico Pom Pom. The Sirdar baby ones are nice but I think the bobbles on the Snowball yarn are half the size of the Rico ones - if you have the yarn I think you have.

Your mum could have a go at decreasing and see what happens, just so a straight piece and then you could make something up. Hats aren't too hard to improvise.

LatteLady Tue 03-Jan-12 19:34:56

OK, you will have an issue with Pom Pom as you will not be able to decrease as you would with a normal hat so the main part of the hat would have to be square in shape, like a skiing hat. Sadly the pompoms are much larger on the Rico than on the Sirdar and it just would not work.

You could knit the band around the bottom in rib, double it over and catch the bottom of the popom square between the two... hope that this makes sense as I am kinda thinking out loud...

Shhhh Tue 03-Jan-12 19:36:22

yes, the pompon wool does have half size smaller pom poms.
I have managed to find a pattern...
will try and find the link. I found it late last night and mum is hopefully going to try it this week.
lol she has already made the scarf ! done and dusted in an evening shock.

pinkzy Sun 06-Jan-13 16:00:18

I have made a beautiful hat with the rico pom pom wool for a child... i was told it wouldnt work and various crafft stores including local shops and market stalls could not help me.. i cant remember how i made it though!! I started with a 2by2 rib knit using double knit wool for the band around the base of the hat.. and having completed approximately 12 rows (about an inch) i joined the pom pom yarn and knitted 3 stitches between each pom pom. The next row i knitted through.. next row: knitted 2 st togethr, k1.. So that the next row i was knitting 2 stitches between the pom poms... i continued knitting rows.. 2 stitches between each pom pom (approx 30pom poms in each row) until i had knitted approx 15/17cm frm th rib knit band.. i then worked on my decrease... again.. i decreased on one row n just knitted through on the even rows.. Knitting 2 stitches tgthr on every odd line.. until i got to about 7pom poms... i used a similar coloured yarn to.pull through.. and made up using same yarn.. Using a lit match t melt (slightly) the ends so thy dont fray or pull away. i used same yarn as rib knit band for an ovrrsized pom pom which i attached to top of hat... Result was fabulous! matching scarf had decrease on ends so was narrower.. like a point with oversized pom poms similar to hat on ends.. looked great... all using just one ball of rico pom pom yarn.. (not mini pom poms) this was for a child so completed with one ball of yarn.. would need more fir adult size. x if you have link for th pattern you used.. plz share!! As i made mine up with trial.and error!! Thankyou! N hope this helps! X

TeapotofDoom Thu 10-Jan-13 14:14:28

Check the 'Yarn' tab on Ravelry for a similar yarn, and then look at pattern suggestions for that. Then, when you find your pattern, check the tension with a tension square and change needle size up or down, before you start.

It's fairy straightforward to use the Rav database to find a yarn similar to whatever you have on hand - just check your ball band and then look at the gauges for similar yarns, then click through to 'Patterns' for that similar yarn. I just had a quick look on 'Patterns' feeding in 'Super Bulky', Craft > Knitting Category > Accessories > Hat and found loads.

Hope that helps.

TeapotofDoom Thu 10-Jan-13 14:16:24

PS: Forgot to say, but as it's a textured yarn, it might work best to pick a very simple, plain hat to show off the yarn's properties. Don't be put off by finding a pattern for another Super-Bulky that is totally different. Just try a swatch at the recommended needle size for the pattern, and see if you like the look of it.

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