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Planning on making a family canvas for the wall Help Needed!

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charliecat Sun 01-Jan-06 14:12:35

We have so far got sponges and splodged magnolia paint on for the background and now we are trying to find some art to inspire us, Im thinking hand/footprints...the kids are 5 and 8.
Is there anything else we could do? Flowers with fingerprints or something?

ChampsOnIce Sun 01-Jan-06 15:15:41

photo's, fave words of each fam member, fave toys, children's art work.... got more but got to go... back later

charliecat Sun 01-Jan-06 18:33:18

Thanks champs. In the end we cut out loads of handprints, put them round the edge of the magnolia bacground and splattered paint all over the place, when we lifted the handprints you could barely see them and you really have to look to see one of those optical illusion thing. Very cool.
Thanks though.. Wanna

ChampsOnIce Sun 01-Jan-06 19:40:19

lol! sounds wonderful. and yes i do

charliecat Sun 01-Jan-06 19:48:08

Photo with you shortly

ChampsOnIce Sun 01-Jan-06 19:51:43


am planning on doing something or other for the hallway wall, may not be for a while tho as i have soooooo many projects planned

charliecat Sun 01-Jan-06 19:54:02

Now, as you splutter your drink all over the monitor and question my sanity...we kept seeing similar in homebase and the likes and admiring it...and there was no blooming way I was going to pay even 50p for someone else to have splattered paint on a board for me to look I thought we would do one of our own at least then I can justify it and say...hey the kids did it
if you look very carefully round the edges you can see the handprints

charliecat Sun 01-Jan-06 19:56:41

Now the kids art work etc etc, I am going to buy some cork boards for the kids room so we can have a moveable/changeable type thingy going on ...

ChampsOnIce Sun 01-Jan-06 20:10:03

do you know what? i like it, i like the way the hand prints are ther but you have to look for them it really is like an illusion, like that picture of the old and young woman and the faces and cup one

childres corkboard sounds good

charliecat Sun 01-Jan-06 20:13:03

Thats what I will I really put it up on the wall ???!!!

charliecat Sun 01-Jan-06 20:15:12

Keep going back to your I like it sentence

kiwibella Sun 01-Jan-06 20:24:26

put it on the wall!! It's fab, it's your kids work, and it will always be a conversation starter!! I like it too

charliecat Sun 01-Jan-06 20:26:53

Thanks The more you say you like it the more its growing on me

ChampsOnIce Sun 01-Jan-06 20:44:13

go on, put it up, you can always take it down if it doesn't grow on you.

are you going to hang it in the room in the picture? the colours match really well.

charliecat Sun 01-Jan-06 21:25:16

Yep gone magnolia/brown mad everywhere

ChampsOnIce Tue 03-Jan-06 01:13:04

how does it look up?

charliecat Thu 05-Jan-06 18:03:09

Looks gooooooooooooooood. My best friend came round last night and said Ohh I like the picture, I nearly jumped on her head saying We done that we done that LOL

ChampsOnIce Fri 06-Jan-06 14:01:02


Tilly111 Wed 07-Oct-09 20:54:33

Message withdrawn

FlamingoBingo Wed 07-Oct-09 20:57:14

Tilly you loon! This thread is over three years old grin

kiwibella Thu 08-Oct-09 21:49:30

sadly, I remember it the first time around blush!!!

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