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Good ebay wool/craft shops

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iceandsliceplease Tue 25-Oct-11 06:25:37

Can anyone recommend any good yarn/craft shops/haberdashers on ebay? I'm about to fritter away a minimum of £50 (got a 10% discount voucher that expires tomorrow), but I have to spend it on a single transaction. Ideally I'd like one shop that stocks a wide variety of yarn from bog standard acrylic DK to fancy sequin mermaids beard wispy stuff, and if they also sell beads, buttons, ribbons and trimming so much the better.
I've found a few that are almost right, but not quite...

iceandsliceplease Tue 25-Oct-11 07:05:17

ooh, and it has to be payment via paypal as well!

TimeForCake Tue 25-Oct-11 13:20:35

I am very new to crafting etc and so my knowledge is limited but a few I have used recently are below. I think they are probably a bit specific as I was searching for particular things, but you never know.


Happy spending! smile

iceandsliceplease Tue 25-Oct-11 14:56:56

Thanks TimeForCake! My Watch List is currently expanding at the rate of knots as I try to keep up with everything...

iceandsliceplease Tue 25-Oct-11 20:19:58

Ok, used this place and oh my days, I am in love. When my order arrives it'll look like I've yarnbombed my own home.

TimeForCake Tue 25-Oct-11 22:19:23

Must resist clicking the link...must resist clicking the link. I already have too many plans / ideas and pretty things ordered but there is very little output here so far! grin
Enjoy all your new bits & pieces. How exciting!

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