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jersey skirt - do I need to cut it on the bias, or is there no need because of the stretch?

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Astrophe Tue 25-Oct-11 03:38:40

And how will it affect the hang either way?

Its a good thick jersey, high cotton content. Its blue with slightly lighter blue stripes, so obviously bias cut will result in a diagonal pattern...I'm not sure whether thats a good thing?

Am thinking horizontal stripes if I don't need to cut it on the bias. I know they are meant to make you look wider, but it just looked a little strange whith the stripes vertical, when i held it up against myself.

All tips and sugestions gratefully recieved!

PopcornMouse Tue 25-Oct-11 10:31:11

You won't need to bias cut it as it will already be stretchy.

As far as stripes go, I have just made one of these (no.3) out of stripey fabric, and would recommend the pattern smile

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