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Is anyone very familiar with moda fabrics please? I'm trying to colour match.

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LowLevelStabbing Sat 22-Oct-11 18:46:19

I'm making a quilt from a moda jelly roll in 'Freebird'. I've pieced the blocks together and now just need some border fabrics.

I've already ordered a moda plain cotton blue 'raspberry' and also in 'lime' but they are not quite right. I'm trying to match one of the colours in the pattern, I don't mind which.

So is anyone familiar with moda fabrics that could point me in the direction of a good match before I order anymore duffs!

Obviously, If I had somewhere nearby to go in and compare I would.

BigBoobiedBertha Sat 22-Oct-11 19:57:53

It is tricky. I am a doing a Patchwork and Quilting City and Guilds course at the moment and we were talking about the different qualities of fabric last week. The tutor was commenting on the Moda fabric which is good quality but apparently they tweak the colours of their ranges every 6 months or so and therefore if you don't buy fabric at the time you bought the first lot you might have trouble matching up with the newer stock that might be in the shops. I think you might be a victim of that with your plain fabrics. They look the same but just aren't quite right. A bit cheeky of Moda if you ask me.

Did you order your plains from the same place your got the jelly roll? It might be worth getting on to them if you haven't. Failing that, you could phone one of the big stores like Cotton Patch and see if they will match a sample of your jelly roll to whatever they have in stock. I suggest one of the bigger store because they are likely to have a wider range of fabric and you are more likely to get a match. Do you have any of the selvedge with the dye sample along the edge? It would be easy to send that off if needs be.

ArthurMcAffertyhastwocats Sat 22-Oct-11 20:07:29

I'm having the same problem - there's a website called Simply Solids that does a lot of Moda Solids so they may well be able to advise. There's also a colour card you can order from them - I remember being vaguely shocked at how much it cost but would mean you can try various combinations before you commit.

LowLevelStabbing Sun 23-Oct-11 08:38:18

thanks for your replies, I wasn't really expecting anyone to be able to help!

I thought it would be straightforward to buy a matching fabric from the same range when I was ready for it, but obviously not!

I think I bought it from cottonpatch, so maybe I should give them a ring as a starting point.

I'll have a look at simply solids too. Cheers!

ArthurMcAffertyhastwocats Sun 23-Oct-11 11:44:37

Actually, now I think about it, it's Kona solids that Simply Solids stocks - Kona has a huge range, there's bound to be something there that matches.

LowLevelStabbing Sun 23-Oct-11 21:00:13

thanks arthur, I've sent her a message to see if she can help!

next time I'll keep the slevedge.

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