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painting dolls house

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wfrances Thu 20-Oct-11 10:18:31

has anyone got any idea what paint to use to repaint my wooden dolls house windows/doors trims?
it needs to be white,can i just use normal household stuff or does it have to be specialist
it came from dhe and was ready painted but after 5 years in storage its now a mess and i need to repaint/decorate.
any advice appreciated.

Flubba Thu 20-Oct-11 14:41:54

I used normal paint for my girls' dollshouse - inside and out. I used gloss for the doors and windowsills etc, and normal non-gloss for the walls and roof. You'll likely need to sand it down first to 'score' it.

mummeeee Fri 21-Oct-11 18:10:54

Just found your post - tis exactly what I was about to ask.

So far, I have found this site (which although taking it far more seriously than I am planning to attempt!) the advice about using vinyl silk paint looks like it's based on experience.

I am thinking of trying to get hold of some of those matchpots (do you still get them?) which you buy to try out the colour of an emulsion at home. Has anyone else done this?

I bought the unpainted wooden house from toys r us because it was a good price, but would like to paint it before Chriustmas. It's this one.

Has anyone else got any other tips?

RunsWithScissors Fri 21-Oct-11 18:27:26

mummeeee I have the same house and have just dug out all my tester pots to decide on the external colours :-) hoping it will work. Very excited to do it (think it might be the ease compared to painting our actual house).

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